Sniper Achievement

  • Sniper



    Score from an offensive free kick.

    This achievement requires that you score from an offensive free kick. This is one of the trickier achievements in the game. An offensive free kick must be taken from the offensive zone (on your opponent's side of the center line). From the free kick, you must shoot and score. Free kicks are awarded when the other team commits a foul. 

    The tricky part about this achievement is that the opposing team rarely commits fouls, and when they do, it usually won't put you in a good position to score. The best strategy for this is to first make sure you set the difficulty to Beginner and then play as a 5-star team against a 1-star team. Then you should sprint through the defense to get to a situation where you are one on one with the goalie. As you enter the penalty box, the keeper will charge you. At this point, you need to turn around and start running away from the goalie. The keeper will chase you. Go slow and bait him to continue following you if he seems to start going back to the net. If you got him to follow you well enough, he will chase you out of the penalty box. When he is about to get close to you make sure you are moving with the ball. The keeper is very aggressive and will dive face first to grab the ball. At least 50% of the time, if you are touched in any way by the keeper and trip, it will be a foul. The key is to lure the keeper out. It may take some practice, but once you get a hang of how the keeper moves and speed you need to pull away from him, he will constantly be chasing you out into free kick territory. See my video below for the technique. Sorry for the bad quality! 

    When you finally do earn the free kick, you will be presented with a wall of defenders blocking your shot to the goal. They will only be able to cover part of the net. Look for the larger opening to the net, either to the right or left of the wall. The goalkeeper should be occupying that position. You will need to precisely place your shot into the upper corner of the net. Drag your finger from the ball directly to the corner of the net where you want to score. Put a little zip on it to increase your chances of scoring (by swiping faster). However, on Beginner difficulty, you should have no problem scoring as long as your placement is good. The goalkeeper is unlikely to save the shot. As soon as the ball hits the back of the net, the achievement will unlock.


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