Beast Mode Achievement

  • Beast Mode



    Straight Arm a Defender to Protect the Ball


    Seems to unlock when you use  (Alternate) or  (Traditional) to push the Defender away.

  • Akinfenwa reference
  • Sigh...
  • Marshawn Lynch reference. Stiff arm is an American Football move, made famous by Seattle's Marshawn Lynch when he enters 'Beast Mode'. Since FIFA is made by EA Canada, it seems to be a crossover reference.
  • How do you do this?
  • Allydfc12 I think it's more to do with the leage 1 Gillingham striker Adebayo Akinfenwa, who is a big bloke and so what he lacks in pace he makes up for in strength, which he calls beast mode. But I could be wrong
  • Definitely in reference to Adebayo Akinfenwa! Look at his stats for 'strength' #beast
  • any1 know how to get this achievement?
  • i cant do this lol
  • ...worst...achievement...ever...
  • Can somebody please tell me a way to do this as I have no idea
  • I got this by pure luck. it popped as i lost the ball in an online FUT game. didn't do anything special or different.
  • After 3 days of trying I finally got this. Here's how, dunno if it'll help but worth a go! I played an online friendly against my son. I was Gillingham, he was some Mexican team. As the goalkeeper he was on his 6 yard line holding LT, I was Ade Akinfenwa. I held LT and was tapping B as I ran round him trying to get the ball (no RT). After a couple of seconds I lunged, tapped the ball away from his foot and achievement popped. I don't know if I even did it right, it looked no different to any other standing tackle I've made! But I thought I'd post as I've spent so long looking for a guide. Now to wait for a Be A Pro challenge so I can finally get 1000g!
  • What you need to do is opposite of what it asks you to do lol... Just take a second controller, get the ball with controller 2 and hold down LT (you can ask a friend to help if don't have 4 arms), with controller 1 come to the player with the ball from back side and press B, give it a few tries and the achievement should pop up ;)
  • thanks #11 and 12. worked a treat.
  • this was ridiculous
  • Oh lol
  • I can't do this please help me
  • how do you get this achievement? I have unlocked nearly all the achievements but if I try to unlock this one I just take a shot.Help?

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