Seconds, Please Achievement

  • Seconds, Please



    Win the ball back with a Second Chance Tackle


    From what I've heard/read/experienced, it seems there's two ways to unlock this;

    • You must first attempt to win the ball with a Standing Tackle (Traditional:, Alternative:) and then perform a Sliding Tackle (Traditional:, Alternative:) to actually win the ball.
    • You must win the ball after losing it to an opponent, but while still battling for it (when you're going shoulder to shoulder, for example).

    This, like many other gameplay achievements, seems to unlock by just playing matches.

  • Hopefully this isnt some sort of replay system and it actually means tackling the player twice
  • I get the feeling that second chance tackle is going to be a pain in the ass!
  • i think this will be getting the ball back after the ref giving the opponent advantage
  • Just got this. My player didn't quite fully win the ball on a first attempt standing tackle but then did slide to win it. It was a quick manoeuvre. Not sure how pulled it off tbh.
  • I got this with Rooney, did a standing tackle, then slid in and fouled him and it popped lol
  • not really sure how to do this. it just popped randomly while I was scrambling to try and defend in front of my net.
  • @6 lol

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