No Goal For You! Achievement

  • No Goal For You!



    Perform a Diving Header Clearance


    First of all, the Diving Header Clearance can be achievement by heading the ball out of the penalty ares! Not necessarily the goal! To get this, hold  and double tap (Traditional) or (Alternative) while the ball is being crossed in. May take multiple attempts. If you want to boost, please use the Achievement Trading Thread.

  • No not this one again failed to get this because i did it in ultimate team.
  • goal line clearance was hard enough, but a diving header goal line clearance....
  • I can't even score a diving headed goal never mind a diving headed goal line clearance!
  • This achievement was glitched to hell in 13.
  • It doesn't say a goal line clearance, just a clearance, which I assume means you could do it anywhere in the box.
  • anyone have a bloody clue how to do this, all I can manage is a regular header, I did a diving header shot on goal once but I have no idea how I did it
  • I always get this one by lucky deflections. so hopefully I can again
  • glitch
  • Maybe LT + B or X when defending. I know LT+B is the way to dividing header on goal
  • Has anyone worked out an easy method for this yet ? Cheers Alan
  • you could try this run up to the ball from a corner with there player and PRESS B NOT X WHATEVER YOU DO YOU DO NOT PRESS X
  • that should solve your problems open the link in url
  • Looks like its easiest to so with a friend just keep getting them to whip mid cross's in (double x) in line with your defence line, (put offside trap on) then eventually it will be done, it doesn't have to be a complete diving header I.e 2 foot off the floor just not a jumping header
  • I thought i was really hard too but found a really easy way: Just use say Man Utd vs Man City for example , when you have the ball with someone long ball it back to the keeper and hold LT and double-tap B and if you time it right youll get the acheivment Took me 4 Tries My EA Replay of it: Cheers Alan
  • I'm up for doing this with someone online gamer tag is irons maiden 87
  • Ridiculous achievement to get
  • good man #14 (resifanUK), that worked perfectly for me, took about 2 mins to get it, cheers
  • Tried #14, but didn't work for me. Might try it 2 player.
  • Right, I've finally done it!! This was driving me mad! Same as #14 So, start a match against the CPU- Put the CPU sliders down (make them slow)- Put your sliders up (make you fast)- Put your keepers slider all the way up!- Start the match- From about the half way line lob (long pass) back to your keeper- Whilst ball is in the air, hold LT and pull the keeper forward and double tap shoot- Took me 3 tries, there is a YouTube video showing it (not mine)-
  • Dude #19. YOU LEGEND! did it first time!
  • #19 First time quality!!!!
  • #19 Cheers mate, got it after 2 minutes. Was the last achievement I needed for 100% :D
  • Did this with Lloris with the advice from #19. It took me a few matches to get it but he did a proper header eventually. Painful!
  • #19 LEGEND, done it in the first try
  • Works like a charm!! Cheers #19!!
  • tried this on and off in games sending it back to Adler in one and neuer in another and couldn't do it. forth or fifth try with Barcelona and victor valses and I got it. thanks for help with the method.
  • #27 Also tried Adler and Weidenfeller. Just tried Huntelaar, still nothing. What do i do wrong? 1. play the ball in perfect hight - Kick the ball 2. Play the ball littlebit higher - Take a step back, and head
  • #19 you are amazing! I got it 4th shot! THANK YOU!
  • @#28 I honestly don't know. Thats exactly how I did it too. I think its mostly luck. Only thing I can say is that the game might be racist and favour spanish league goalkeepers over German ones (even though they truly aren't as good ;) ). Maybe try it with valdes or casillas or someone. Sorry I wish I could be more help.
  • I'm doing it perfectly a lot.. it just won't come up i'm going crazy
  • #14 and #19 you absolute legends! Thanks
  • Best way to get this I think is to keep lobbing the ball back to your keeper, hold Y so he runs to the edge of his box, as the ball gets close hold LT and tap B... Took me 5 or 6 attempts during a friendly match on semi pro
  • I managed to do mine by kicking it back to the keeper and just doing a diving header in the box :)
  • This is a pain in the a** to get.
  • #19 great advice struggled with the speed of the players but a couple of attempts and BING Done
  • this took soo much effort
  • Does this seemed to be bugged for anyone else? My keeper is doing a diving header clearance in the box and then the achievement isnt popping, do I need to finish the box? I did this on the 360 version.
  • I don't know if this helps, i was trying to do this on alternative. I did 4 matches and nothing happened, then i switched to traditional and got it on the 2nd try
  • Still having trouble? use #19's method but put Messi in goal
  • It took a few attempts, but #19's method does work. Thanks dude! Played as Tottenham with Lloris in goal, if that helps. Scored two own goals in the process!!!
  • Thanks for all the tips above, I used pretty much #19's method, plus Spurs with Lloris. Got it on about my fifth attempted pass back, took ages to pop but at least it finally did!
  • Controler: ALternative Team: Barcelona Messi as goalkeeper. Shooting on gol with B button. With goalkeeper I Held LT + X, and I have got my achievement after some minutes
  • Thanks @elizeumelo, your method worked after just a couple of tries! 100% now ;-)

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