Extra Effort Achievement

  • Extra Effort



    Score with a first time Sliding Shot


    For this achievement, your player has to slide the ball in the goal instead of tapping/shooting it in. Reported to be glitchy.

  • Anybody found a player or an easy way which you can get this done?
  • Annoying achievement, players never slide when they shoot.
  • cant get this, the heading one or the straight arm defender thing! any help??
  • im up for trying them online Craigggg my gamer tag is Irons Maiden 87
  • this is a pain to get. finally got it with Man City. Just make runs with your players and play passes just in front of the forwards.
  • Play either infront of the striker but close to the keeper so its a desperate lunge at the ball, or triple press cross so its drilled in along the box and again, a striker will lunge to try and score. I did it whilst just playing rather than targeting the achievement.
  • I got this with schweinstager on a rebound playing manager mode with bayern. goal was too nice. mandzukic hit it right at the keeper and as it was about to go out for a corner shweiny slid into it and knocked it in.
  • The best way to get this is as follows: - Set your game to rainy. - Difficulty to: Semi Pro. - Set your formation to 4-4-2. - Pick your teams, its best to have equal teams as the low difficulty will make your team better anyway but you need the opposition to be able to mark you. - When you start the game, put your team to attacking (pressing right on the D-Pad once). - When you start the game, you want to make your 2 strikers break as fast as you can. - Make sure you break on the left or right with your other striker running with you (should happen automatically). - Wiat for your other strikers defender to catch up to him (close enough so they are touching). - Wait for the keeper to charge towards you. - Press Y. - This will then take the keeper out and your guy, because its ra
  • Raining your guy will jump and slide the ball into the net. Boom. Achievements Unlocked.
  • I tried doing this a whole game, couldn't, then randomly got it the very next game when I wasn't trying. I did it with messi's 11. The team you can play the first game of ultimate team with. I got close enough to the goalie he charged me while another player was running towards the goal. I hit a and lead it towards the goal. While the guy was running to catch it I hit b and he slid into it
  • I got so lucky with this one. I was trying to go for the perfect hattrick header. I overshot the cross and my striker came sliding in at the back post.
  • i slide in to put ball under keeper and nothing popped :/
  • wow go figure any other game company would have actually made a button to slide to bad ea is a bunch of idiots.
  • ok anyone who is still having trouble i found an easier way. not guaranteed but easier. first make a run then triple tap x. this will do a ground volley . make sure you press forward too so your teammate stretches. now tap b very quickly and one times out of ten he will slide it in. good luck

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