A Legendary Performance Achievement

  • A Legendary Performance



    Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time

    May sound difficult, but it’s not. Before starting the match, go to Settings. The last two Settings tabs affect your team and your opponents. Simply set everything positive to 100 and everything negative to 0 for your team, and vice versa for the opponent. Now remember that you have to be at least one goal down at half time.

  • This one is simple than it sounds, just use the sliders to make your players fast and theres slow, score an own goal first half, then win in the second, done :')
  • @1 Are you sure you are allowed to adjust the sliders in a kick off match?
  • @1 oh wait never mind, i thought you had to do it in a kick off match.
  • Always found legendary the easiest difficulty to play on as the AI did more than play with 10 men dotted around the box permanently defending.
  • fair balls #1, worked a treat :)
  • #1 work straight away cheers
  • Alternatively, Play a kick off match and choose your team as Man United (for example) and the CPU as Plymouth Argyle (for example). Change their skill to legendary and let them score a goal in the first half. You should be able to score two goals in the second half against weak opposition. It took me two goes to do it (the first game was a draw).
  • Got this adjusting sliders. Probably didn't need to as I always won fut matches on legendary in fifa 13, sometimes after trailing at halftime but i wasn't in a high enough league yet.
  • @#8 Is it me or Fifa13 was easier than 14? Cause I remember I won CPU like 5-0 easily in fifa13 on legendary, here in fifa14 I can't ever keep the ball more than 5 secs lol
  • Thanks so much
  • hehe I got this achievement before I even knew you could do that.

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