Perfection Achievement

  • Perfection



    Score a Perfect Hat Trick (left foot, right foot, header)


    Same recipe as "A Legendary Performance." With sliders, it’ll be way easier scoring a perfect hattrick. Remember to use the same player. I would recommend Ibrahimovic.

  • Might take a couple of tries, but not too difficult.
  • Set the AI to amateur, finesse shots didn't work for me.
  • I'd use neymar or klose. they're both ambidextrous and pretty good at heading (in real life. not sure about in game stats cuz I don't have the game yet)
  • i used Jean-Marie Doungou Tsafack from barca B in my arsenal career was pretty suprised to do this with him,not to hard,did it by mistake lol
  • as i said I got it with klose. it took 8 shots though... I went R,L,R,H,R,L,R,R. not sure why it took five goals to register the right footed goal but whatever I got it (Y)
  • Go this on 1st game. Put the AI sliders down so you are faster. THE FIRST THING IS TO DO THE HEADER!! Cross it in and score with a header. Whoever scored that header now just get a right and left foot goal. Must be done in first 3 goals of the game.
  • I learned the hard way that bicycle kicks do not count towards it. Unless it didn't pop for me since it wasn't the first 3 goals of the game
  • How do we control which foot he shoots with?

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