Silver Lining Achievement

  • Silver Lining



    Complete the Silver stage of all Skill Games

    Just complete all Silver stages in Skill Games.
    There are 13 Skill Games in total:
    1. Ground Pass
    Objective: Hit the target minigoal without hitting the moving players.
    Target Score: 4000 points
    Recommended Players: Xavi, Iniesta (any player with high passing)

    2. Advanced Ground Pass
    Objective: Pass the ball to several teammates while running past them.
    Target Score: 7000 points
    Recommended Players: Xavi, Iniesta (any player with high passing)

    3. Shooting
    Objective: Head the ball, try to hit the targets
    Target Score: 5000 points
    Recommended Players: Ibrahimovic, Falcao

    4. Advanced Shooting
    Objective: Score as many points as possible
    Target Score: 12000 points
    Recommended Players: Ibrahimovic, Reus

    5. Dribbling
    Objective: Dribble through all defenders without touching any of them
    Target Score: 8000 points
    Recommended Players: Messi, Ronaldinho

    6. Advanced Dribbling
    Objective: Win the dribbling race versus the opponent
    Target Score: 5000 points
    Recommended Players: Messi, Neymar

    7. Lob Pass
    Objective: Score points by lobbing the ball in the bins
    Target Score: 20000 points
    Recommended Players: Xavi, Pirlo, Xabi Alonso
    Strongly recommended tactic: use  and  (Traditional) or  (Alternative) to hit the front targets three times consecutively (you can hit the same one thrice). You should now have 2400 points. Next, aim for the targets the furthest away. The front targets will give you a multiplier of x3, which will result in gaining 18000 points. Added up you now have enough points to complete the challenge.

    8. Crossing
    Objective: Hit the targets from the corner spot
    Target Score: 12000 points
    Recommended Players: Xavi, Pirlo, Xabi Alonso

    9. Defending
    Objective: Take away the ball with a standing tackle
    Target Score: 2000 points
    Recommended Players: Thiago Silva, Chiellini, Kompany

    10. Advanced Defending
    Objective: Prevent the attacker from shooting by any means necessary
    Target Score: 4000 points
    Recommended Players: Thiago Silva, Chiellini, Kompany

    11. Goalkeeper
    Objective: Score points with throws (targets) and kicks (boxes)
    Target Score: 6000 points
    Recommended Players: Rogerio Ceni, Khune

    12. Free Kicks
    Objective: Score points by hitting the targets in the goal
    Target Score: 7500 points
    Recommended Players: Salihovic, Ronaldinho

    13. Penalties
    Objective: Chip the ball over the boxes into the bins
    Target Score: 5000 points
    Recommended Players: Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Vela

  • The silver level in lob pass is fricking impossible
  • Thank god someone else noticed too. It's the only one I can't get. Even switched to pirlo who has amazing long passing and the closest I've come is 11,500
  • Yes!!!!. I finally beat the silver lob pass. All you have to do is hold RB or R1 and hit the first one three times consecutively. your points will be multiplied by three and then just lob the ball into one of the bins in the back of the field and then it will give 20.000 points instead of 5000
  • Ok nice I'll give that a try. Thanks a lot
  • I cant figure out the defending, anyone have any tips
  • Lob pass driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • This is by far one of the hardest achievements in FIFA 14
  • Fuck the lob passing one! Spent ours yesterday trying to do it. Glad I'm not the only one that noticed its fucking impossible
  • @3 I can confirm this works, thanks a lot mate :D
  • Getting the multiplier (first 3 bins is fairly easy) getting in a bin worth 5000 is tricky!! I've spent ages doing this and have giving up now!! I've tried with ronaldo, Rooney, Gerard, veluso, I'm on skill challenge on everything else but this!!! Is driving me mad!
  • 17400 closest I've got, first 3 bins trick is the way forward. Keep pluggin away.
  • This one is all simple except for the Lob one. Its all about perseverance, the key to this is indeed the multiplier boxes at the front, I used Mikel Arteta for this one, have no idea why, he was just so much simpler to do it with. Knock 4 balls into the front one, very simple literally just tap X as the ball comes to your feet. Then, dribble out to the right of the area and whack it accross to the back left, might take a few tries, but as soon as that ball actually drops your laughing.
  • dribbling is hardest i found.
  • I just did it & recorded it so you guys can see! Here's a link to the vid, it's just finished uploading.
  • #14 really help did it after 10mins thanks
  • Am I missing something here. I can only get to use players from my favourite team which is making the dribbling one impossible as there isn't a player with higher then 82 speed. And the passing isn't tip top so lob pass is stupidly hard
  • @16 go to the settings of your game and somewhere you can change which team you want for arena play and the Skill challenges
  • @3; @12; @14; thank you very much guys! Just did it in a few tries. :)
  • The ****ing lob pass -.-' I swear it takes more skill to cnstantly land the ball between the bins.
  • Lob pass driving me insane , I got 19300 on my best shot X(
  • I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pirlo..... I used RB & X but instead of doing it 3 times i did it 4 and the lobbed it forward and got the first set of barrels. Then i just comtinued with the front three barrels getting the multipliers and got 20,400. Do not try the barrels only as if you hit with all your goes you will only 18,000. Defo the hardest to do IMO
  • FINALLY did this. Pure luck.
  • Just managed to finally get this. I got my first three in one of the front three bins (total of 2400) and then I got the next one in the one of the back bins for 15000 and missed the rest until tI managed to get 3000 on my last shot so I finished with just over 20000 :D The best advice I can offer is just to utilize the front three and hope you can get one of the back sets because then your score will already be close to 20000. Hope this helps.
  • Did it, took its time
  • I actually got this on accident, i was having a hard time using RB to get it into the front 3 buckets, so i just didn't use it anymore got it in the front twice without RB and just shot it in the furthest, 31.000 pts!

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