Fancy Some FUT? Achievement

  • Fancy Some FUT?



    Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT

    In the Menu, go to Football Club and select News & Alert. Highlight a message about UT and press  to enter FUT.

  • this isn't working for me?
  • Worked well for me: I played a round of games this week, after the end of the game went to the screen with the options to finish the game or restart the game, just below had a story about the FUT, just select this news she leads straight plowing Central FUT
  • I can't figure out how to get this one to pop. If you go to the EASFC page on the main menu and go to the news and highlight a story about FUT and hit "A" it starts up FUT but the achievement won't pop. Ugh, I really hate annoying ones like this that should be so simple but end up screwing you out of a 1000.
  • You can do it after playing a match when it says news and alerts on the post match screen, I did it this way and it popped for me.
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  • i can't get this one, i never get the option to go to ultimate team... rather annoying!
  • Just got this and "Fancy some FUT?" today at the same time when clicking on a friends news item.

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