We're Bros Now Achievement

  • We're Bros Now



    Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

    To get this, buy a player from the Transfer Market in UT (players from packs have automatic loyalty). Now play 10 games with this player for the achievement.

  • Anybody else having problems with this? I played more than 10 games with a player in FUT but I still don't get the achievement.
  • You have to play 10 games with a player you've bought from the transfer market. Any unlocked through packs are already "loyal". As long as you have the contracts you can just forfeit offline season matches and it will unlock at the start if the 10th match
  • Typo - "of" not "if"!
  • like the 99 contract this will be kroos. he's the first player I'm buying when I pick this up.

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