Fuel For My Club Achievement

  • Fuel For My Club



    Open 20 packs in FUT

    Nothing hard either. Open any 20 packs in Ultimate Team. Free packs/loyalty packs seem to count towards this.

  • The inevitable ea money grabbing achievement.
  • @1 why is it u could just earn coins and buy 20 bronze packs
  • At least it's only 20 packs now. Wasn't it 50 and 100 in previous games? Also I'm delighted there is no in form player achievement. That was literally all about luck.
  • Just buy bronze packs, you pretty much get your money back each time. I refuse to buy gold packs this year.
  • @3 in FIFA 10 it was 10, then 100 and then 500
  • I see there's no achievement for getting an in form from a FUT pack on this game which means knowing my luck ill get ten of them after not getting any on the games that it mattered...
  • There are some great guides on Ebay that helped me get 100k coins already on the web app. Check them out.
  • got the cheevo after buying my first pack. dont know why
  • Me too, must be glitched as I opened the 1st pack and it popped
  • First pack this opened!
  • Glitched and opened on my first pack for me
  • Got on my like 5th pack, bargain! at least there's no club value and lucky card achievement, I like that very much :)
  • I wonder if the free packs on the web app count against this achievement? I don't think they do as I must have opened 10 of them by now.
  • You can do this achievement with ease without actually having to play a single game. Note though this is fairly time consuming: 1. Buy a standard bronze pack for 400 coins. 2. Quick sell all players, balls, kits, stadia, badges, staff, managers, training consumables (unless rare), healing consumables(unless rare). 3. All other consumables (almost always fitness and contracts) should be placed on the transfer market for 1 hour with 150 as the starting price and no buy it now. They will almost always sell and if they dont they will almost definetly sell the second time with the same pricing and time limits. 4. The money you get from the consumables will always be enough to get another standard bronze pack (you will probably gain some coins as well) thus meaning you can rinse and repeat

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