Collecting Silverware Achievement

  • Collecting Silverware



    Win a division title in FUT Seasons

    Luckily, this is really easy. It doesn’t matter is you do this online or offline, and Division 10 is good enough. Simply win 4 matches in the Division and the 100 is yours.

  • That seems very easy, so basically just win Division 10?
  • Surely division 1 with it being 100G
  • @2 you would think so but last year we got 50g for just winning a league in online seasons so it probably is just any league title
  • won 4 division titles and no achievement, if it's division1 it's going to be even worse to get this stupid achievement :(
  • I can confirm I got this by winning single player division 10 trophy, I would've thought it had to at least be an online season, but I have only done offline so far as I am still using up original bronze contracts
  • Won division 10 online - didn't get it. Won division 10 offline - got it.
  • I just won a title on division 10 online. No achievement Offline is fucking hard...
  • For those who are confused I am fairly certain that you must win the online division 10 title in order to get this. I have won 3 online and have gotten nothing. It's annoying but it is for 100G and you earn a decent amount of coins and a reward at the end.
  • offline* is what you must win, that was a typo.
  • I got this achievement play offline too, so if you are having problem getting the achievement try that way.
  • really? this is for offline? sick. that's all I play anyway
  • easiest 100 gamerscore ever
  • I keep getting fucked in the ass. Lost one and that so many error that EA should have fixed. The 5th game I keep having to turn off the xbox
  • This was probably the easiest 100 points I've ever gotten and I made it harder by losing a match. all you have to do is win 4 matches in cocky when i won the first two 7-0 and 5-0. at least for me they threw 1 competent opponent in there...either way you have quite a bit of leeway in getting this achievement..i had 5 games still left to win it when i did.

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