Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack! Achievement

  • Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack!



    Complete all Manager Tasks in FUT

    Here is a list of all the tasks you need to do to get this achievement. There are 13 in total and most are self-explanitory.

    NOTE: Once you have all the tasks done you will need to go back to the Manager Tasks screen to unlock the achievement.

    NOTE #2: In order to complete most of these tasks quickly, play and win the ''Starter Cup',' an offline Tournament. You play on amateur, and winning the tournament awards you with a club items pack to complete tasks 10, 11, 12 and 13.

    1. Change Club Name
    This is one of the first things you do when setting up ultimate team.

    2. Play your first Match in a Tournament
    Go to the "Play" tab in Ultimate Team and find the tile for "Single Player Tournament" or ''Online Tournament', 'press to start the tournament and play one match.

    3. Play one Seasons match
    Same as #2 except you are now looking for a tile called "Single Player Season."

    4. Buy an item from the Transfer Market
    Go to the "Transfer" tab and buy anything using your Ultimate Team coins.

    5. List a Player in the Transfer Market
    Simply list any player you are not using in the transfer market.

    6. Challenge the Team of the Week
    Explains itself really, if you are haing trouble see the "I Could Do This Every Week" achievement. This task can be done on any difficulty.

    7. Apply a Contract Item
    Explains itself really, if you are having trouble see the Chemistry experiment achievement, but use a contract instead of a chemistry card.

    8. Apply a Fitness Item
    Same as #7, but use a fitness card instead of a contract card.

    9. Apply a Chemistry Style Item
    Same as #7 and #8 if you are having trouble see how to apply a consumable see the Chemistry experiment achievement.

    10. Change your Club Kit
    Scroll to the "My Club" amd select the "My Club" tile. Once in there go to the "Club Items" and in the filter section select "Kit," swap that with once you are not already using.

    11. Change your Club Ball
    Same as #10 except use the filter as "Ball."

    12. Change your Club Crest
    Same as #10 and #11 except use the filter "Badge."

    13. Change your Club Stadium
    Same as the few above, just use the filter "Stadia."

  • This achievement is glitched for me for the time being. I completed all of the tasks in the Early Access version but upon playing the retail release this achievement has failed to unlock. Obviously I can't retry it either. However I talked to an advisor at EA who said there has been a tracking error in their servers which meant some achievements didn't unlock. The advisor said it should be fixed for the next patch due in a week or two. In the meantime if someone finds a work around please post here and/or on the forums. Thanks!
  • i did this. It took a while after to completed the manager tasks to pop up.
  • mine has been done since the first day ...still has not opened for me ! and there is another too...glitched !!!
  • Where are these located?
  • I completed this on the 360 I then got a Xbone and cause everything carries over you still get to unlock the achievements again this one obviously can't be unlocked cause you can't redo the tasks is there a way around this I want my 1000G :(
  • Help with number 5

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