Long Term Signing Achievement

  • Long Term Signing



    Apply a 99 Match Player Contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT

    From the EASFC Catalogue, buy a 99 Match Player Contract. The first one unlocks at level 15 for 1,000 FCC. When bought, enter FUT and apply it to a player.

  • You can buy contracts from the catalogue?! Well at least no one can charge me 600 coins for them now.
  • @1 im guessing they'll be 2000 points plus, and not many either
  • #1 can only buy a couple of the 99 match ones, but they cost from 1000 and up
  • When can I find the 99 match player contract?
  • when I go for this I'll be using it on kroos. my fave player
  • so what's the catalogue?
  • @#6 do you actually not know or are you joking? either way its accessible from the main menu under EAS FC or possibly just by pressing "x" can't really remember.

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