You Struck Gold! Achievement

  • You Struck Gold!



    Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career

    Manager Career achievement. To get it quicky, pick these settings:

    • Position: Any
    • Age: 16-30
    • Contract: 1-5
    • Attributes: Playmaker, Penalty Specialist, Free Kick Specialists
    • Now send your scout to England. He’ll soon report some players and net you your achievement.
  • easiest way is to find the best scout and send them to England looking for any age and any position with defensive mindeset, first team quality and strong... seems to work every time
  • dont understand this one if anyone could explain please
  • I hate this new transfer system, I wish there was a way to turn it back to the original way
  • Can confirm that sending the best scout to England looking for the qualities that #1 lists works.
  • i found around 40 players right now achievment just wont pop!

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