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    Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career

    In Manager Career, stand on the Team Management tile. Now push the right stick left or right to alter the formation. Leave it on a different formation for a second and boom; achievement unlocked.

  • How do you do this ?
  • not working for me either
  • go to squad find team management don't click on team management but move the rs to change the formation whilst on the tile then move to another tile and it should pop up
  • I tried that and it did not work
  • Try using RS to change then save (X) or as mentioned go to another tile then back (B)
  • *NOTE* YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN A GAME TO DO THIS ACHIEVEMENT I'VE TRYED IT AND IT DOESN'T WORK Go into career mode and go into the "SQUAD" section and then go into team management (not pressing "A") and then change your squads formation using RS and you should be able to get it
  • Tried in and out of a match, isnt popping up for me :(
  • Load up your manager career, go to the squad tab at the top. Navigate to Team Mangement, flick the RS either left or right, don't press anything else, just go back upto the top and scroll with the left stick back to central and the achievement will pop straight up.
  • @8 cheers, worked first try :D
  • @8 muito obrigada
  • Thanks 'captainkirkius'...your instructions worked. Blessings, yall.

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