You Got Mail Achievement

  • You Got Mail



    Open up your inbox while advancing in Career

    Either Manager/Player Career. While advancing, Press  when you get an email to jump to the message. You must be progressing time. It won’t unlock if the menu’s static.

  • Ooo dear, the easy achievement rears its head
  • never pop for me .... go to my email and fuck offff not achievement help please player carrer or manager carrer
  • I have tried to automatically go to inbox and manually navigate there both as a manager and a player. Nothing. What exactly are you supposed to do?
  • Nevermind, I got it. I started a new player career, went to inbox straight away and achievement unlocked. Glitchy, I'd say.
  • yeah hasn't popped for me yet...guess ill try a manager career next
  • Also, this not appear for me

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