Rising Star Achievement

  • Rising Star



    Be featured in the team of the week in your Career as a Player

    Unlocked in career mode. Either create a Pro and keep playing until you reach the Team of the Week or pick an existing world star to do it with.

  • Start a player Career with Cristiano Ronaldo and then simulate all the pre-season game on the calendar until the first league game...Change the settings on the CPU so that their dribbling, pace and passing is down (IDK what its called) and play with 4 min on the clock also the CPU is on ameatur, and then score more than 10 goals with Ronaldo while trying to keep your rating above a 9.7. After the game, simulate the week until the next game and the 'Rising Star Achievement' should pop....if not then play another game. Goodluck
  • thanks heaps. tried. this. with messi but it wouldn't work but finally got it
  • thanks @1. CR7 method worked a treat, as Martin Tyler and Andy Gray would say.
  • I just spend 8 minutes scoring 32 goals with ronaldo for nothing... wasn't a league game. DAMN! haha

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