Bling Bling Achievement

  • Bling Bling



    Earn a trophy in Seasons

    To get this, you can simply win the Division 10 division title, which requires only 4 wins. If you’re not very good online, you can purchase your first 3 wins from the EASFC catalogue (requires level 25 and 2,250 FCC to buy the first 3). Now you’ll have 7 matches for the remaining 3 points. Alternatively, just play all 4 yourself and get the points.

    *Note: You CAN buy 4 wins from the Catalogue, but this won’t net you the achievement yet. If you purchase all 4 wins, play 1 match in Division 9 to get it.

  • Probably the only one I'm not looking forward to, this was hell to get in FIFA 13
  • @1 Winnign th cup acheivment was hard in 13 but winning the title in seasons was very easy because you could buy wins and draws with those EAFC coins. But I don't think there going to be in 14 which is a bit of a bugger :(
  • It was hard coz only good players get to the semi and final but it's an achievement to be proud of when you get it
  • Yep, I would always lose in the semi's :P
  • I did it on my first try. Lucky I guess :P
  • It says trophy. Not cup. Winning a league is easy, as you only need to win half your games in the higher divisions. If your not great at this game, dont play Seasons till chrimbro, then beat all the 9 year olds who get it from Santa. If it means you have to win a Cup, I hope they fix the glitch where you need to press a certain button to get the cheevo after winning the cup.
  • I really hope #6 is right and it isn't an online cup but any trophy you win in seasons. I had to play about 8 finals before i won a cup in Fifa 13
  • Winning the bronze and silver divisions in 13 were pretty easy to do. I never ever managed to win a gold season. Made it up to div 2 loads of times but never into 1. Winning the cups were really tough so hopefully any of the leagues will unlock the achievement.
  • If people are struggling with winning online in the leagues. Use your EA FC coins in the catalogue and redeem the season wins and season draws. I can confirm that you get this achievement from winning the division title in Seasons Mode. You also get the achievement for being promoted also :)
  • oh not this fucker again
  • Can you buy all 12 points from the catalogue and get the achievement?
  • This isn't as bad as last year. I got it winning promotion. if you win a div title, it'll pop.
  • Easy enough, play a few games, if you start losing, head over to the EASFC catalogue, buy all the draws and wins you can (and extra matches if you need them not to roll into the next season). your division may change and look as if you havnt got the achievment, but if you play a match then when you return to the main screen at the end this and the 55G achievment should pop up. Did for me
  • Impossible when every twat I play coincidentally loses their connection the second they score the first goal or go one goal up, resulting in the game automatically deciding in their favour.
  • @#11 yes you can. I didn't even have to play a seasons match. I was already level 42 when I got the game so I was able to buy three wins and three draws and I think I still had draws available in the catalogue. stacked this with the promotion one. bought all twelve points at once in the catalogue then went in to seasons and boom "Achievement unlocked 2 for 155" possibly one of the nicest looking achievement popups I've ever gotten.
  • You can buy them for the fifa store as 15 said! easy peasy ;)
  • Thank God you only have to win the division, was so annoying and glitchy in 13
  • I can also confirm that #15 is correct.. you can buy 3 wins… and buy 3 draws and then you have to play one game in new division… you do not have to win…just play. and you will get both achievements (for Bling Bling and Moving On Up)
  • With FIFA'14 being free this week with the "EA Access Free Play Days", perhaps more people are going to play this again. Does anybody want to do the "Moving On Up", "Just Dropped In", "Bling Bling", "Best Friends Forever" and "On Your Way" achievements? GT as above.

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