On Your Way Achievement

  • On Your Way



    Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs

    Just keep playing Pro Clubs until you have 15% of the accomplishments unlocked. Note that you need to achieve 15% accomplishments for the position of your virtual pro. If you're a striker, for example, the Overall Striker-Progress bar must reach 15%.

  • Anyone got a half decent pro team I can join, to do this, was part of one on FIFA 13 but they haven't got FIFA 14' regular player, half decent but not a world beater, a solid box to box midfielder, scores the odd goal, never loses posession and a simple passer..
  • #1 Are you still looking for a club?
  • Yeah still looking fella,
  • Im searching too...
  • Got a team, It's called Dear me Utd.... Feel free to friend me and I'll invite ya.. Need some players
  • Anyone want to work towards this? My GT is JBtorres
  • anybody want to get this with me? and my gamertag XxXELLIEXxX XD
  • got to 8% just doing drop in games. but if someone has a club, and they want a RM, CAM, CM or ST, I'm free. Just let me know coz i'm at a club atm, but it's terrible. My GT is TLA Tohig
  • I'm also looking for help with this one. If anybody has a team I can join my GT is PomBee
  • I've just set up a team called Shambolic11, send me a friends request with a fifa14 message - Shambles11- and I'll play with anyone if I'm on. No mic at the moment though and not buying a replacement so close to xbox one!
  • I have a team available called Soaps FC. don't ask me why lol accepting anyone, trying to get this achievement and the teamwork one also. Online now.. GT = Schwarzkopf
  • No longer need this one, ended up getting it doing drop-in, seems a lot easier, well a little bit, only need online friendlies now and I've got all the achievements!
  • Any one looking for players ? Need a team to join & play Fifa most evenings for an hour or 2. Happy to play anywhere but in goal. Drop me a message on my GT - Gaybo78. Cheers !
  • Need help. Can play everyday. Add me at BiteMeMeow. Thanks.
  • Need this one so I've added you ^
  • I need this and Teamwork. Add me at BiteMeMeow. Let's do it together.
  • Better than the 25% from the last game. I always just played drop-in matches.
  • Need a Team. Add me PwiurBaboon - send a message wth "achievement". :)
  • Need a club to join. Message me if you have a free space. FC dribblers
  • Hello all, I need a team on for this achievement on XBOX ONE, GT: Vexstar
  • WTF man! Every time I try to play a Pro Club game my Xbox freezes! Does anyone have this problem??
  • @#21 sorry man. I haven't had it too much. only once or twice. I think that this achievement name might be a reference to one of the songs on their set list and from the celebrations commercial: on our way by the royal concept
  • Looking to join a club, willing to play any position (XBOX ONE) GT - xReluct
  • Need help, my GT: Dylan0o7
  • would like to join a team. add Robster91 :) (360)
  • Would like to help others towards this aswell as the Team Work achievement Add me on XBox one - CLawson x
  • Need all co-op achievements. Add me on xbox 360: olokunw
  • Looking for a club to join (xbox360) GT: De K0gel
  • Where do you check your progress?
  • Looking to do this soon. Im new to fifa so im not the best but add me if your intrested in boosting these accomplishments Gamertag: xSniperCanis69
  • Anyone wanna do this and/or make a team for fun ADD: Wattsy Boi Yid on xbox 360
  • Add me to help eachother get these on xbox one GT (Jh xo)
  • Need all co-op achievements. Add me on xbox 360: lupezhc
  • Anyone willing to help me? I can't get any progress even though i'm trying mad hard... Add me on skype: Joelhiemstra1996. Thanks in advance :)
  • Wow, i just got the achievment! didn't even score once, all skill moves on the ST possition... Did it in seasons with a mate. can't believe i got it w/o scoren haha!
  • Anyone looking to do Pro-Club achievements or any other online ones add me GT: FTX Kirby 13 Xx
  • Add me if you want to get this GT: Oaew
  • Still looking for someone to do this with, GT: Nessiram.
  • If anyone stills wants to do this GT: Eyelesspanther1
  • Need this one. Just add me SammyDy
  • Does anyone wanna do this for Xbox One? Been looking for a group for a while. Recently the accomplishments haven't been unlocking, but it's worth a try. Gamertag is same as username.

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