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    Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty

    One of the slightly more difficult achievements. You must complete a match day challenge on world class or legendary. Just pick one that seems relatively easy and other than that, good luck. You can find highlights of the week under the kickoff tile.

  • Hard as hell
  • Done it, didn't unlock!!
  • can you not just move the sliders on the in game settings?
  • ok, no you can't
  • ther is always an easy one through the season at somepoint, probs a champions league match via penalties or something.
  • i did this one, but i used rematch in the first half, and it didn't pop
  • Did the Valencia v sociedad one & won 3-2 & got the play a game of the week in highlights but it didn't pop
  • Says Match Day Challenge, you have to wait for a challenge, sometimes you only have games of the week and pro challenge.
  • #8 thanks
  • I got this yesterday Sweden vs Austria took me hours
  • I got this one on Sweden vs Austria too. Think it took me about 7 or 8 attempts so was glad when I finally pulled it off :-)
  • Southampton v Man Utd is an ok one this week, you need to get an equaliser in last 5 mins and you have start with a corner, so its 50/50 i guess!
  • I just completed the Man U vs Southampton one, didn't pop... I failed it a few times and just restarted will this affect it? Also have already completed it at a lower difficulty setting, perhaps this is why it's didnt pop?
  • There's a very easy one on at the moment. Houston vs New York Red Bulls where you join just as extra time is starting. You don't even need to score with Houston to get this to pop. You can just hold on to the draw and win on penalties.
  • What the.... Completed Fulham - Tottenham 3 times. Everytime the xbox freeze when im going back to startmenu. Homebutton on the xbox doesnt work. Need to restart(manualy) the xbox. Why?
  • tried the gala-juve one like fifty times today. it's friggen impossible. yur galatassaray and need to score with five minutes left which is damn near impossible against an OP team like juve.
  • Do you actually have to win the exact score line it states!? Doing the benfica Porto one now! Always manage a 1-0 win but nothing.
  • Tip to this week: achievement says: "least World Class difficulty". Take legendary difficulty. Take the firs one challenge. Shoot goal firs on the free kick. Then add one more goal quickly. Point is that first I use the world class. No result.. Then I notice that "lege dudes" was dumper and more easyer take the ball of. I'm not very pro at this game, simply got ach this way. and it was 4th try..
  • To add to #18… I also did this weeks Match Day Challenge (see date of post).. Bayern v Stuttgart. And since the "information / header" on the right (the area which describes this challenge, then RB to see top scorers, injured, and international duty) cuts out… I wasn't sure what the EXACT challenge is. So first I played on World Class.. and tied. nothing. Then I played on Semi-Pro. won the game 2-1 and got my XP points for that challenge. So Im thinking…okay… just go back to World Class and win 2-1. And since Im not the best, took me quite a few tries, and finally I won 2-1. and nothing…no achievement. So my question is…do you have to do the challenge fresh…like you couldn't have already beaten it. I thought this was weird. So I guess Im going to do what #18 says and try it o
  • great! so this post got cut off… Anyways.. going to try #18s method on Legendary… if I ever win that I will let us all know what happens. But please let me know if winning challenge on a lower difficulty first negates this achievement.
  • I think that's because of the first try:/ Green(done) mark popup after successful try. In other fifa forum, some player says: that "I got it by doing the challenge on legendary in the end". so..?!
  • case it matters...never found out about my previous post. but i believe #21 is correct. thank you. If anyone reads this and still needs this achievement, todays challenge (as of posting on morning of 2-23-2014)of Man City v Barcalona is an easier one. still took me a while, but all you need to do is block opening penalty kick with Hart, then score one goal in the remaining 30+ minutes. good luck.
  • of posting on 2-23-2014 at 2:30am Eastern Standard Time... there is just over 60 hours left for the Man City v Barca
  • There are no "relatively easy" ones. EA made this game, you will get fucked over HARD if you think you're about to win. 2-1 past the 90th minute with a +4 added time and 10 minutes later the computer ties it. Fuck this game.
  • Didn't unlock for me on World Class - match is Arsenal v Swansea
  • I can't find the 'highlights of the week'. I've looked under kick-off but all that comes up for me is choosing teams?
  • You have to use right stick to cycle through the kick-off, it'll go kick-off -> highlights-> in-form teams, in-form players and back.
  • @27 - Thanks, found it in the end! Stupidly impossible though. Have to score 3 goals as Barca or 4 goals as someone else this week. Barca's is really difficult as on mine, all they do is defend!
  • Wow this is SO hard! Please give us one that's not impossible. 5 goals against Real on world class? you're having a laugh!
  • Easy one this week (Brisbane vs Wanderers). The challenge starts with a free kick. Chip the ball into the penalty area and score with a header to equalize. Keep the score at 1-1 for the remaining few minutes plus overtime and then win on penalties.
  • VERY EASY ONE ON RIGHT NOW!!! For the next 15 hours there's Sevilla vs Benfica (Europa League Final). Do the one where you play as Sevilla. It starts you in penalties and all you need to do is win. Good luck and I hope lots of people see this before its too late.
  • i missed the europa final 1 so looks like i aint gonna gt this achievement
  • for the champions league final challenge do you have to win 4-1 or can you just beat them in overtime?
  • #33 I'm wondering that too, I have beat them in extra time and still didn't count!
  • I also beat them in extra time and it didn't unlock for me either. I'm not sure why, though.
  • I tried it on amateur and beat Athletico 4-1 and it did complete, so yes you will have to have the exact scoreline.
  • Is this unobtainable now? There aren't any Match Day Challenges
  • Near impossible at this time... only incredible hard matches
  • I damn well hate this achievement, it's only one I need for 100% and lately all the challenges require 4/5 goals in a half!? There was one match I was playing last week where you had to win 3-2 and started 2-0 down with a corner, so I kept restarting that to get a goal straight from the corner and then just played the rest out, most annoying thing though is that wen I lose the commentary states "they're out of the cup" so I figure if I can make it 2-2 I can take it to extra time and maybe even pens and get the win this way, played god knows how many times finally made it 2-2 and no extra time how fuking gay... I will get this achievement but I won't be buying fifa 15... Just reading some past posts stating that apparently this is easier on legendary? I can't see how but I'll try anythi
  • A quite easy one is on atm, Shrewsbury vs Tranmere and I believe you have to get 2 goals. I did this on Amateur and then World Class, and didn't get it, and then actually did it on Legendary and still didn't, I'm thinking it may be because I completed it on a low difficulty first? Can anyone confirm this?
  • Yea I can confirm that don't do it on lower difficultly i finally got this last nite, seems coz teams are shit even on world class. Their touch etc is really poor.
  • Thanks, posted on this one a lot haha but I have now done it after many attempts, now is a good time to get this!
  • Last achievment i need but it's always unfair... i mean burnley against chelsea and i need to score 3 goals... really?!
  • I have problem. I havent any day match challenge for 10 days. only weeks game... the same problem with be a star achievement;/
  • Is this unobtainable now?
  • Does anyone know if you can still get this??
  • can't.

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