On My Own Achievement

  • On My Own



    Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week

    Same as "Big Game" but now it has to be a be a pro challenge.

  • Tis might be me being stupid but I can't find a be a pro highlight of the week, any help?
  • I cant find this either only one i need
  • There is now one to do in highlights of the week
  • 2 goals with Samaras. simple.
  • God the AI on my team are so fucking retarded! I tell them to pass to me and he shoots from the halfway line!!
  • @#5 that made my day :D
  • Are these available often? Because there is one right now which is a clean sheet with a goal keeper. But that is really difficult so if there won't be another for a while I'll do it but I'd rather not put myself through the stress.
  • really easy one of these on now. it's come back from down 2-0 with a hat trick from Pedro on Barcelona. your dropped into the game in the 15th minute so it should be really simple to get three goals in the last 75. I managed four and an assist.
  • Completed it yesterday with Gervinho in the World Class difficulty. Unlocked both the achievements LOL. It's kinda easy in that scenario, not too late. Whoever hasn't gotten this achievement go and get it.
  • Just a heads up to everyone, there is one active right now (27/05/14 23:28 GMT). Seems this is the first for a while, don't miss it!
  • Still possible to get the achievment? i never see a pro challenge... only need this one and ''challenging''!!
  • This achievement is gone forever, unless EA changes its mind...
  • Is this unobtainable now?

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