Started From The Bottom… Achievement

  • Started From The Bottom…



    Reach EA SPORTS Football Club Level 15

    If you have played FIFA 13 or even FIFA 12, you should unlock this when you start up the game for the first time. If not, simply keep earning XP by playing matches until you are level 15.

  • This should open automatically if you have the Achievement from past games.
  • I believe this will be the first cheevo most of us will get it worked in fifa 13 when I got level 20something from fifa 11
  • This should be as easy as anything considering I am already level 84 :)
  • Hopefully this doesnt glitch lol im level 40 so should get it when i put in the game. Should be level 41 by the time the game drops
  • Straight from the get go then :) Happy dayssss
  • Ya this is the first one most people will have gotten. Something interesting though is that if you play the mobile game it (at least on iPhone) it carries over your level too.

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