Corner Maestro Achievement

  • Corner Maestro



    Score off the post or cross bar in a match.

    This achievement requires that you score directly from a corner kick and is one of the trickier achievements in the game. Corner kicks are awarded when the ball crosses the offensive end line and goes out of bounds, having last been touched by an opponent. The easiest way to get corner kicks to the dribble the ball down near the goal line. Then come in towards the net from a bad angle and take a shot. More often than not, the ball will be saved by the goalie, but will deflect out of bounds, awarding you a corner kick.

    To score directly from a corner kick, the player taking the kick must be awarded the goal. Once you enter the corner kick camera angle, swipe left or right to rotate the camera until you are shooting directly along the goal line, or just a shade off the line. Then just swipe straight up towards the net as fast as you can. With any luck, the ball will either go directly in, or bounce of the goalkeeper and go in. Either one will unlock this achievement. However, if it bounced off a defending player (other than the keeper), it will count as an own goal and NOT unlock this achievement. This achievement will likely take many many attempts to unlock. It really requires more luck that skill. Earning a corner kick is very easy, so this achievement shouldn't take too long to obtain.

    Scoring directly from a corner kick will also satisfy the requirement to unlock the "Long Range" achievement.

  • Isn't this achievement title usually for scoring directly with a corner?
  • Yes lol ^
  • To easily initiate corner kicks, run along the edge of the field, from the bottom, towards the goalie. Tap the shoot button and the goalie will kick it out of bounds. When in corner kick position, slide to the left along the bottom of the screen until the word "pass" changes to shoot. Then with medium power, shoot the ball directly at the goalie, and it will either bounce off of him or a defender into the net. This may take a couple tries.
  • Tip would be to get a person who has good accuracy, power doesn't matter so much. Also make sure that you have a left-footed player taking your right corners and a right-footed player taking the left corners. This is so the curve is over the pitch, the other way round will have you hitting the ball out of play all the time.

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