Aerial Threat Achievement

  • Aerial Threat



    Score with a header after a cross.

    This achievement requires that you score on a header after crossing it over. Basically what you need to do is get the ball and take it into one of the offensive corners of the field. Dribble around until your teammates set up in from of the net on the far side. Use the two finger swipe towards the offensive zone on the screen to set your team into Attack mentality if they are not crashing the net area. From the corner, cross the ball over by aiming towards the middle of the field and long-holding the pass button. This will make an aerial cross towards the middle of the field. While the ball is in the air, tap shoot and aim towards the net. If the ball goes to one of your other players, they will attempt score out of mid-air. Sometimes this will be a header, sometimes it will be something else. There is a little bit of luck involved here. Eventually you will get the header animation and if the ball goes in, the achievement will unlock instantly.


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