One-Two Master Achievement

  • One-Two Master



    Score a goal after successfully pulling an one-two move.

    This achievement requires that you score a goal after completing a successful one-two pass. A one-two pass is basically a give-and-go, but has a specific button sequence to perform it. First, when you have the ball , tap the pass button twice quickly. This will pass the ball towards another player on your team. When the ball is on the way, tap the pass button again. As soon as the other player receives the ball, he will immediately pass it back to your original player. Then proceed to score a goal to unlock this achievement. This achievement was a bit glitchy. It can take several correct attempts of the one-two pass to finally unlock the achievement. If it doesn't unlock, just keep at it, paying attention to perform the one-two move close to the opponent's net and also trying to score immediately upon receiving the final pass (i.e. don't dribble too much with before shooting at the end).

  • No idea how to get this one or how to score with an injured player
  • For this one when you pass hold SHIFT when you pass and then hit pass to pass back and then go on and score with him. Make sure the player who initiates the pass receives the ball back I believe. Not sure, but remember the key is to use SHIFT pass.

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