Give It Your All Achievement

  • Give It Your All



    Score with an injured player.

    This achievement requires that you score a goal with an injured player. Your first objective will be injuring one of your players. Injuries occur somewhat randomly, but you can increase the odds of injuries by using a player with a decreased fitness (think fatigue rating). Tired players get injured more. It is best to leave this achievement for last (so some of your players are already increasingly fatigued). Before a game, place your player with the lowest fitness in the striker position. Set the game length to maximum, difficulty to Beginner, and choose a weak opponent. Each time you control the ball, pass it to the fatigued player. Have him sprint toward the goal. Once entering the penalty box and approaching the keeper, dribble around with the idea of getting the keeper to chase and tackle you. If you do it correctly, the keeper will trip you and your player will fall hard to the ground. This animation is the best chance of getting injured. It may take five attempts, or fifty. Just keep at it. Once your player gets injured (a red cross or X-shape will appear over their head), spend the rest of the game trying to score with them. The achievement will unlock mid-game.

  • One does not simply get injured. so how does one go about this? it and corner maestro are all I'm missing.
  • Yes, has anyone gotten this with a sort of sure fire way? I've been sprinting into the goalie non stop with low fitness and 10 min halves and he's hit the pitch so many times but he just stands up fine each time.
  • I just got it after a few games of trying. Not sure if it helps but I would go out and buy Sergio Canales, La Liga, Real Sociedad I think. He is a center attacking mid and he has the injury prone trait. He was at around 30 fitness when I finally got him injured. I am not sure if they have put traits into the windows 8 version but I got it with him. Just start the game with him in position and then when it starts just swap him out with the striker. Another tip is when you get close double tap SHIFT and you will skill dribble to hold the ball closer to your feet. You can also turn around when the keeper comes out to help getting thrown on the floor.

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