- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 19 [575]
- Online: 19 [425]
- Approximate amount of time to 100030-40 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes (See,”Underdogs” and ”Challenging”).
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: A second controller will make it much easier but is not necessary.

Welcome to FIFA 15. This is EA Sports latest FIFA game and shows vast improvements in terms of graphics with additions such as new emotional reactions, and new save animations. The movement of players feels much more fluid in this latest instillation. It is also much easier to score from free kicks. Overall FIFA 15 is a great improvement and a wonderfully made game that is fairly easy and fun to 1,000

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Step 1 - Career Mode:
Career mode has two different modes in it: you can either be a player or a manager. In manager mode you need to help build a teams squad and choose the best possible tactics. Manager achievements are the easiest of the achievements to get in the game. There are a total of five manager achievements you can get, all of which you should have no trouble with.

In player mode you begin as either a user-created prodigy or a player of your choice and try to move your way up through the clubs. Only one of the achievements, ”Rising Star” requires very little skill, but with the use of game sliders you should have no trouble getting it. There are a total of two player achievements you can get, both of which are very easy.

Step 2 - FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT):
Ultimate team is essentially an online FIFA trading card game. You can buy and sell cards to form your team. A lot of people get extremely into this game mode and due to that online matches can be difficult if you’re not experienced or don’t have a good squad. But if you’re struggling with matches online you can always play single player seasons. Succeeding in the FUT world boils down to three main things. 

  • • Buying and selling your cards well.
    • Before purchasing or selling any card always compare prices with other cards. This way you can know whether you’re getting ripped off or not. You can also know how high or low to sell your cards to make the most profit possible.
  • • Having a high team chemistry.
    • You can have the best players on your team, but if they don’t have good chemistry odds are you won’t do too good. To raise team chemistry you need to have players from either the same country or same league next to each other. Keep this in mind when buying players, if you do, you should have a nice squad in no time. 
  • • Stocking contract and fitness cards.
    • All of your players can only play a certain amount of games, to raise this amount you need to apply contract cards. For this reason always keep a few handy. Players also run out of stamina over time, apply fitness cards so that they perform better in game and can sprint for longer.

Most of the FUT achievements shouldn’t take too much skill to get, but keeping these tips in mind will make the process much easier. There are a total of nine FUT achievements you can get.

Step 3 - Online Seasons:
These achievements can be a bit difficult to get since the skill level of online players can vary greatly. Thankfully most of the achievements don’t require wins to get. The achievements are incredibly easy and can also be boosted easily. There are a total of five online seasons achievements you can get.

Step 4 - Mop Up:
This step is for those last achievements that don’t fit into any particular match mode. Most of these achievements should unlock naturally, but if you’re having trouble just refer to the achievement guide for help. 

For the most part FIFA 15 is a stress-free and very fun game to play. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting these achievements.

[XBA would like to thank Spazaz Man for this Roadmap]

FIFA 15 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Score 1 goal with a Toe Poke

    To score with a toe poke you need to shoot at the last second possible as you run towards the goalkeeper and he charges towards you. You shoot with . This achievement will most likely be unlocked over time, but you can increase your chances by going to game settings and adjusting the sliders so that “Sprint Speed – CPU” and “Acceleration – CPU” are both at zero. This will make it nearly impossible for the computers to defend against you.

  • Score 1 goal with a Knuckle Shot

    To score with a knuckle shot just means scoring with a powerful shot. To make scoring with a knuckle ball easier you can hold  while you shoot with . This will shoot the ball with incredible power. Keep in mind though that holding  is not required to score with a knuckle shot. This achievement will most likely be unlocked over time, but you can increase your chances by going to game settings and adjusting the sliders so that “Sprint Speed – CPU,” “Acceleration – CPU,” and “Goalkeeper Ability – CPU” are all at zero. This will make it extremely easy to get past the defenders and score on the goalie. This achievement usually takes quite a few attempts to unlock so be patient.

  • Perform a Standing Tackle and keep possession of the ball 10 times

    This achievement is very easy and will most likely unlock naturally. To perform a standing tackle, press  while on defense. Perform 10 of these in a game and keep possession to earn this achievement. If you’re having trouble getting it you can connect a second controller and leave it still so that you don’t have to worry about the offense moving around while you’re trying to steal the ball.

  • Beat the Keeper 1 on 1 and score

    This achievement will most likely unlock naturally. But the easiest way to go about it is to adjust the sliders so that “Sprint Speed – CPU,” “Acceleration – CPU,” and “Goalkeeper Ability – CPU” are all at zero. As you approach the goalkeeper move out of the way as he dives for the ball and then shoot with . This achievement usually takes quite a few attempts to unlock.

  • Prevent a goal with a Sliding goal line clearance

    This achievement is very frustrating and difficult to get if you don’t unlock it naturally. There are four ways that I know of to get this achievement, all of which are quite difficult.

    Method One: Two Controllers
    Connect a second controller. Turn the passing assistance to manual. Take the ball up with the second controller, once the ball is about 30 yards out bring the goalkeeper out with the first controller with . Once the goalkeeper is nearly to the player with the ball, press  with the second controller and through ball pass it towards the goal. While this isn’t a legitimate shot, passing it towards the goal will have the ball moving slow enough to make it there in time to clear it. After you’ve passed it towards the goal quickly switch controllers and slide tackle with to clear the ball.

    Method Two: One Controller
    Pass the ball back to your goalie and dribble it out to about midfield. Once you get there, let the ball get stolen. Once it gets stolen quickly switch players to a defender and sprint back to the goal. If you’re quick enough you’ll get there in time to slide tackle with  and clear the ball before the CPU scores.

    Method Three: Online Boosting
    Start a game with a friend who’s willing to help you out. Do the same thing you would do in the Two controllersmethod. Only this method is easier as you can coordinate with your friend and don’t have to worry about switching controllers.

    Method Four: Corner Kicks
    When the opponent takes a penalty kick hold  to bring your goalkeeper out. As the goalkeeper is coming out start spamming . After the opponent heads it, there’s a very slight chance that your defender will slide tackle it right before it goes into the goal, as long as you’re spamming .

  • Beat a 5 Star Legendary CPU AI team with a 3 Star or lower team

    Adjust the sliders so that “Sprint Speed – CPU,” “Acceleration – CPU,” and “Goalkeeper Ability – CPU” are all at zero. Set the difficulty to legendary, choose a three star team, and choose a five star opponent. You should be able to beat the opponent easily as long as the sliders have been adjusted in your favor.

  • Save 3 Penalty Kicks Shots (in game, not shootouts) with the GK.

    This is done easiest with the use of a second controller. With the second controller, go into the opponents’ 18-yard box. Once there foul that player with the first controller. Now with the second controller just take the penalty kick right down the middle. As long as you don’t move the goalie he should block it. Repeat this process three times and the achievement is yours.

  • Score from a direct Free Kick at a distance greater than 30 yards.

    This is done easiest with the use of a second controller. With the first controller take the ball up until at least 30 yards out. Then foul that player with the second controller. It’s easiest to foul someone if you slide tackle with from behind. Once you go into the free kick mode, press  with the second controller, this will give you control of the goalie. Move the goalie all the way out of the goal. Now, with the first controller, shoot with the  over the wall of defenders and into the goal. With the goalie completely out of the way you should have no problem getting this achievement.

  • Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

    This should come naturally as you play FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). Have a player in the starting lineup for 10 games to earn this achievement.

  • Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

    When editing your squad in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) select a player, choose “Apply Consumable” and scroll over to “Chemistry Style.” Select one of your chemistry styles and apply it to a player to earn this achievement. If you don’t have a chemistry style to apply you will have to buy one from the transfer market.

  • Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT

    From the FUT Central go right, under the “play” tab you’ll see an option titled “Team Of The Week.” Start the challenge and complete the match to earn this achievement. 

  • Open 20 packs in FUT

    The cheapest pack you can buy in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the Bronze pack for 400 coins. Assuming you don’t purchase anything else and don’t open any free packs, you’ll need a total of 8,000 coins to purchase and open enough packs. You can make this process easier by purchasing coin boosts from the EAS FC Catalogue. You must be level eight to unlock the first coin boost. This coin boost will cost 350FCC and will earn you an additional 200 coins for five games.

  • Win a division title in FUT Seasons

    This is done easiest under “Single Player Seasons.” Win enough games with your FIFA Ultimate Team to gain promotion to earn this achievement.

  • Win a Friendly Season in FUT

    Start a friendly season in FIFA Ultimate Team with a friend online and win to earn this achievement. To save time your friend can quit after 10 game time minutes have passed and it will register as a win for you.

  • Sign a Loan Player from the EAS FC Catalogue

    Press  while under the Fifa Ultimate Team to access the catalogue. While there, buy a loan player, loan players are players that are only on your team for a set number of games. If there’s no loan player available to buy then your EAS FC level may be too low. 

  • Change your captain in FUT

    While editing your squad press  to access squad actions. Scroll down to “Player Roles” and select it. Now scroll down and select “Captain,” now select any other player besides your captain to assign them as your new captain. After you do this the achievement should pop.

  • Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in Ultimate Team

    After playing an online match against some in FIFA Ultimate Team press . After doing this you’ll copy your opponents squad and earn this achievement. The achievement will pop regardless of whether you won or lost the match.

  • Start a Co-op Seasons match with a friend

    Start a co-op seasons match with a friend to earn this achievement. You do not have to finish the match to earn this achievement, it should pop as soon as the match starts.

  • Play Seasons with a Guest

    Once in seasons, press  and add a guest. You can do this by yourself with a second controller or with a friend. Keep in mind that this achievement can only be earned in local co-op. Play against an opponent online, at the end of the match you’ll earn this achievement. The achievement will unlock whether you win or lose.

  • Earn Promotion in Seasons

    You need to win enough matches in “seasons” to earn promotion. Once you have enough wins and get promoted to the next division this achievement will pop. This can be difficult to get if you haven’t played FIFA for very long and aren’t familiar with the controls. If you’re having trouble you can purchase season wins from the EAS FC catalogue.

  • Enable a custom Free Kick or Penalty style for your Pro

    To do this you need to start a player career. The team you choose and career settings do not matter. When choosing your player type you must select “Create Your Pro” as using an already existing player won’t work. The name, position, and stats you choose don’t matter. Once in the career, choose your player profile then scroll over to “personality.” Now, change the free kick or penalty style and the achievement should pop. 

  • Finish a Friendlies Season

    Start and finish a friendlies season with a friend. Keep in mind that this will not work in FIFA Ultimate Team friendly seasons. To save you and your friend time, your friend can quit after 10 in game minutes and it will register as a win for you.

  • Play a consecutive match in Seasons

    After playing an online seasons match you should see an option that says “Next Match” select it and a five second timer will start counting down until the next match. At the end of the five seconds you will search for another opponent, once one is found and you are in game the achievement will pop.

  • Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue Item

    From the EA SPORTS Catalogue, select an item (cheapest recommended), once you do you should see an option to “Gift Item.” Select this then gift the item to a friend to earn this achievement.

  • Beat a friend's Skill Game score

    You can access the skill games from the main menu, you also play these while your game loads. Beat one of your friends already set scores to earn this achievement. You can only get this achievement if done through the skill games mode, not while the game loads.

  • Reach EAS FC level 15

    This achievement can be quite lengthy if you haven’t played a FIFA game prior to this one. Your EAS FC level will transfer from other FIFA games. You get EAS FC experience by doing things such as the weekly challenges, special challenges, and just playing the game. Just keep playing the game and this should unlock naturally.

  • Tag an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity

    Press  to access the catalogue and scroll over until you see your friends activities. Rate one of your friend’s activities with either a thumbs up or down. After you rate the activity the achievement should pop.

  • Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity

    Press  to access the catalogue and scroll over until you see your activities. Select one of them and share it to earn this achievement.

  • Comment on an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity

    Press  to access the catalogue and scroll over until you see your friend’s activities and comment on it to earn this achievement.

  • Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career

    This achievement is done in manager mode. To scout players you must first hire a scout. Assign the scouts instructions to search for players with any three (and only three) attributes of your choice. Simulate the calendar and let it continue for a bit until the achievement pops.

  • Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career

    Start a new manager mode but choose Manchester City as your team. Go to the calendar and simulate it until the next cup match. Play this match and win it to earn this achievement.

  • Have your Pro featured in the team of the week in Player Career

    Start a new player mode but select the team “FC Barcelona.” Then select “Use Real Player” and choose “Messi.” Then choose the calendar and simulate until the first league game. Play the first league game with the sliders adjusted so that “Acceleration – CPU,” “Sprint Speed – CPU,” and “Goalkeeper Ability – CPU” are all at zero. Score as many goals as possible and get the highest game rating you can. I finished the match with a rating of 9.9. After the match is over simulate to the next week, if you performed well enough to be on the team of the week then you should see the achievement pop. 

  • Complete all Drills in Learn to Play > The Basics

    From the menu under the play tab you should see an option titled “Learn To Play.” Select this, you should now see a section titled “The Basics.” Select this and complete the four skill games to unlock the achievement. The point requirements for the four skill games are as follows:


    • Ground Pass: 2,000 points
    • Shooting: 4,000 points
    • Dribbling: 3,000 points
    • Defending: 4,000 points
  • Fill up all Team Sheets Slots

    Start a new manager mode, the team you choose doesn’t matter. Highlight the team sheet and move right with the . You should see an option to create a new team sheet, do this for all team sheet slots (you can create four new ones) to pop this achievement.

  • Create a New Team Sheet

    See “Complete Tool Set.

  • Buy a player who is in a league above you

    Start a new manager mode but choose a team in the “FL Championship” league. Once you’ve done this, go to the transfer market and search for a player in the “Barclays PL” league. Buy any Barclays player to earn this achievement.

  • Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty

    Go to “Highlights of the Week” and select any match day challenge. Scroll down and choose “World Class” difficulty. Before you play the match though can go to the game settings and adjust the sliders so that “Acceleration – CPU,” “Sprint Speed – CPU,” and “Goalkeeper Ability – CPU” are all at zero. This will make the match much easier.

  • Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

    Go to “Highlights of the Week” and select any game of the week. Finish the match and the achievement will pop.

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