FFX-2: Full Chain Achievement

  • FFX-2: Full Chain



    Achieve a 99 chain attack

    Your chain will increase in battle as you connect multiple hits on an enemy before they can recover from the previous hit. Some enemies have longer recovery times, and the best enemy to do this against is Chac, a large serpent boss on Floor 80 of Via Infinito and as a regular enemy on Floors 81-84. This enemy has a large health pool (nearly 438k) so it can take a lot of hits. With all three girls in Thief dresspheres and auto-haste items equipped, you can use basic attacks and get this with little trouble. You could also wear Gunner dresspheres and abuse the Trigger Happy skill, but that's a bit harder to pull off. If you are over level 85-90 when you attempt this, you might kill the enemy before getting to x99, so try to get it done sooner than later.

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  • I did what the guide said, but Chac was oversouled for me. It gives more health and u can still chain without worrying that u will kill it too soon. Also Yuna didn't have haste as I only had 2 haste bangles, but her slower attacks allow u to pace your timing in your attacks. Got it first try.

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