FFX-2: Sphere Hunter Achievement in Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster

  • FFX-2: Sphere Hunter



    Obtain all dresspheres

    How to unlock FFX-2: Sphere Hunter

    There are 19 total dresspheres to unlock for this achievement. Three are default and three are story related, but the rest must be unlocked in various other ways. Here is the full list:

    • Gunner: Yuna's default
    • Thief: Rikku's default
    • Warrior: Paine's default
    • Songstress: Story related
    • Festivalist: Speak to Brother any time on the Celsius
    • Psychic: Complete the Standard Cup in the Fiend Arena
    • Black Mage: Story related
    • White Mage: Story related
    • Gun Mage: See "Learner" for how to unlock this
    • Alchemist: see "Tricky Trapper" for how to unlock this
    • Dark Knight: This can be found in a chest in the Bevelle Underground section during Chapter 2 (or later in 3 and 5 as well). Follow the IGN walkthrough linked in the Road Map to find it
    • Lady Luck: See "Excellent Negotiator" for how to obtain this
    • Berserker: Complete the "Millionaire" achievement, then return to the agency in Lake Macalania in Chapter 3 and complete the "Secure the Agency" mission
    • Trainer: In Chapters 1 and 2, speak to Kimhari at Mount Gagazet and always choose the middle (second) option when given the choice. Return to Kimhari in Chapter 3 to get the sphere
    • Samurai: During the "Pest Control" mission in Kilika Temple in Chapter 3, once you extinguish the flames in the pit at the end of the Cloister of Trials, the dressphere will be on the ground in the pit. If you missed this dressphere in Chapter 3, it is located in a chest in Kilika Temple in Chapter 5
    • Mascot: Complete every Episode at every location in Chapter 5 and you will obtain this dressphere when you return to the Celsius automatically. Make sure not to do the Zanarkand Ruins Episode Complete last, as you do not return to the Celsius automatically after that one. If you are unable to get an Episode Complete in every location, this can be obtained by completing the Youth League Cup in the Fiend Arena (this is much harder and you need to do 100% for another achievement anyway, so do it that way)
    • Floral Fallal: Yuna's special dressphere, obtained after the "Two Birds, One Stone" mission in Djose during Chapter 2
    • Machina Maw: Rikku's special dressphere, obtained after the "Water We Doing Here?" mission in Bikanel during Chapter 2
    • Full Throttle: Paine's special dressphere, obtained after speaking to Tromell four times in Macalania Woods in Chapters 1 or 2

    If you are following the 100% Walkthrough and IGN Walkthrough linked in the Road Map, all of these spheres will come along the way.

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