FFX-2: Sweet Perfection Achievement

  • FFX-2: Sweet Perfection



    Complete 100% of the main story

    The 100% Walkthroughs I linked in the Road Map will net you this achievement. There are many, many minute actions that must be taken to ensure you get all the percentage necessary toward this. If you miss anything on your first run through the game, or choose to play it blind, you can start a New Game Plus (NG+) and will only need to do the actions you missed to finish off the completion. Do be aware though, there is no way to track what you've missed in-game. You could be sat at 99% and have no clue what you missed, basically requiring you to do every action again. Try to be as thorough as possible!

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  • I followed the stream community guide step by step and still was stuck at 99%. I had to do new game plus and joined New Yevon and it immediately popped, so if your stuck at 99% and did everything else do that.

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