- Estimated achievement difficulty: See below [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 67 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate time to 500: See below [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [for FF X]
- Missable achievements: Yes [see below]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

  • DLC: Final Fantasy X
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 500: 90-110 hours
    • Missable: Yes - "Master Linguist"
    • Unobtainable: No
  • DLC: Final Fantasy X-2
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Time to 500: 70-100 hours
    • Missable: Yes - 11 [refer to roadmap]
    • Unobtainable: No

Final Fantasy X DLC

FINAL FANTASY X tells the story of a star blitzball player, Tidus, who journeys with a young and beautiful summoner named Yuna on her quest to save the world of Spira from an endless cycle of destruction wrought by the colossal menace Sin.

The only missable things in this game are related to the "Master Linguist" achievement. There are four Al Bhed Primers (numbers 19 through 22) that are only available for a certain amount of time and must be obtained as soon as you come across them. If you'd like to use a walkthrough, the website Jegged has a good one, and I used their version of the FF7 guide for great success as well. The missable Primers can be found on pages 20 and 22 of the walkthrough, so pay special attention at that time.

Step 1: Get the Airship
The main task of this step will be to work through the story. However, pay attention to a few things along the way. Always collect the Al Bhed Primers (most specifically the four missable ones I mentioned above), the Destruction Sphere in every temple (see "Feel the Pain" for more info on that), and the Jecht spheres as well. You can also work on stealing with Rikku and bribing enemies. There are a number of other optional things that will get cleaned up in the next step. You don't really need to go out of your way to do anything now.

Step 2: Complete All Side Content
Assuming you got the four missable Al Bhed Primers, at this point you should have smooth sailing to the completion (though the journey will be long). You can continue with the story until page 30 of the Jegged walkthrough, just prior to the final dungeon, and then knock out any remaining achievements you have left. There will be optional superbosses, leveling your characters, getting all the special weapons, etc. Check what you're missing from the guide below and set to work knocking them all down until you only have three achievements left, which should be for the final two story bosses and the epilogue movie selected from the main menu.

There are two suggested methods for completing all the side content as far as actually getting strong and beating enemies. You can either abuse the Yojimbo summon which will auto-kill just about any enemy but is frankly a bit complicated to use (info on that can be found here), or just level your characters and get your stats as high as possible (you can see which enemies in the arena give which types of spheres here). Most people consider Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku the best end-game party, though others will swear by Auron or Kimahri as well (usually in place of Rikku). While there is an achievement for maxing out your grid sphere, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll have max stats, which takes a bit of extra work. See "Perfect Sphere Master" for tips on this.

Step 3: Complete the Game
At this point, you should only have a few story related achievements left tied to pages 31 and 32 of the Jegged walkthrough, and the achievement for watching the video from the main menu.

Step 4: Watch the Eternal Calm Video
You can technically do this right away when you start the game, but I'd suggest leaving it until now because it is a video that explains the events that take place between FFX and FFX-2. For new players, this is obviously best watched after completing FFX.

FFX Conclusion:
While this is a very long completion, and will take quite a bit of preparation for the superbosses which can be fairly difficult, overall it is not too hard to do since only a few minor things can be missed. However, you'll want to make very sure you don't miss them or you're in store for a second playthrough just for one achievement. Good luck!

Final Fantasy X-2 DLC

FINAL FANTASY X-2 returns to the world of Spira two years after the beginning of the Eternal Calm. Having been shown a mysterious but familiar image in a sphere, Yuna becomes a Sphere Hunter and along with her companions Rikku and Paine, embarks on a quest around the world to find the answers to the mystery within.

Step 1: 100% Run
FFX-2 is a bit different from X in terms of gameplay and pacing. The game is split into chapters, and each chapter has specific actions that must be taken to work towards what the game considers "100% Completion" based on talking to specific characters and completing side-quests. If you follow this guide as you play, and ensure that your % matches the guide after each thing you do, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the "Sweet Perfection" achievement in this step. If you don't, you can use Step 2 and a NG+ run to get anything you missed.

Note: One thing that guide doesn't cover in depth as it goes is the "Public Relations" side-quest. It is mentioned in the beginning, and it is mentioned again when you should start it, but then you are left to your own devices in finishing it. Make sure you check the bottom of the guide each time you come to a new location to get PR points until you get over 400, then you can ignore it for the rest of the game.

Note 2: Another minor thing it doesn't mention is when to do the "data dealer" trick to get a ton of money. See "Millionaire" for info on that. Missing it won't ruin your playthrough by any means, but it does make things easier.

The 100% Walkthrough will get you all the dresspheres, some of which are used for miscellaneous achievements (using Mix, learning Blue Bullet skills, etc), and it will also get you the achievements tied to O'aka's debt, unlocking the Ruin Depths for the Amazing chocobo, etc. Basically, follow the 100% Walkthrough and be mindful of the achievement list itself, and you'll be able to get everything done in this step. You can combine the 100% guide with this walkthrough for the story itself to stay on track.

Step 2: Shinra's Bestiary
One of the more time consuming parts of the achievement list requires that you see every enemy in the game, as well as seeing them in their "oversoul" state which occurs once you've killed a certain number of enemies in that species. The important part to note in that last sentence is the word "see" because you don't actually need to kill the enemy to get credit toward the bestiary.

See "Monster Master" for some more specific info on this achievement, but be aware that as you play through the story, it would be in your best interest to never kill an oversouled enemy unless you have to (this would only apply to bosses and the Mega Tonberry enemy). Otherwise, you should escape from battles after killing any regular enemies, leaving the oversoul enemy alive so that its species will remain oversouled, and any future enemies in that same species will count toward the bestiary as well. This will severely cut down on your grinding later on.

Step 3: Mop Up
If you missed anything in the step above, you can begin a New Game Plus (NG+) playthrough which will carry over all your data and inventory. The only thing that resets is your character level. Run through the game again taking note of what you missed to mop up your 100% completion and all but the six achievements tied to Last Mission.

Step 4: Last Mission
Last Mission is a separate game mode accessed via the main menu. See "Giant Tower" in the guide below for tips on completing all the floors of this mode and unlocking your last six achievements. This part will only be 6-10 hours of your completion.

FFX-2 is a bit of an easier completion compared to FFX, both in terms of difficulty and time investment. However, it has many more missable achievements, so it's important to be thorough with the guides if you intend on only doing one playthrough. However, the addition of NG+ makes cleaning up anything you missed much more simple than having to do everything over instead. The Last Mission mode adds a nice extra element, though if you're not a fan of roguelite game modes, it may be a bit annoying. Overall, this is a good story and decent complement to FFX.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 67 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

      DLC: Final Fantasy X

      There are 33 achievements with a total of 500 points

      • Find 1 Al Bhed Primer


        See "Master Linguist" for more info.

      • Win a blitzball match

        See "Blitzball Master" for more info.

      • Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials

        Story related and can not be missed.

      • Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times

        Rikku will begin with this command, so be sure to start using it right away to get this out of the way early. Later on in her Sphere Grid, she can learn the Mug ability which allows you to attempt a steal at the same time as a basic attack. This can be nice to still get steals and do damage.

      • All party members come together

        Story related and can not be missed.

      • View the "Underwater Date" scene

        Story related and can not be missed.

      • Win a blitzball tournament

        See "Blitzball Master" for more info.

      • Learn the Jecht shot

        On the ferry from Kilika to Luca you can find a Blitzball on the deck to interact with. This will start a short mini-game to try and clear your mind of taunts from your childhood and learn a special shot. Use the D-Pad or Thumbstick to point to the area on screen where the words are and press on each of them to clear them away. If successful, Tidus will kick the ball off the ship and the achievement will unlock. You can try as many time as necessary to get this done later in the game, but will only have one chance during your first trip on the ferry during the story. If you want to get it on the first trip, be sure to save prior and reload your game if you fail.

      • Pass all chocobo training

        Once you reach the Calm Lands, you can locate the Chocobo Trainer (who changes positions depending on how you entered the area but is not difficult to find) and you will undergo four different training exercises. Pass them all to learn how to ride chocobos and unlock the achievement.

      • Dodge 200 lightning strikes and obtain the reward

        This achievement takes place in the Thunder Plains area of the game. Unfortunately the wording for this does not specify that this must be done consecutively and without leaving/re-entering the area. Your best bet to work on this is to wait until later in the game when you can obtain a No Encounter item. With one of those equipped, you can work on this without battles interrupting your flow and count (the game does not track this for you).

        Once you have your no encounter item on, I would suggest just following the video below for how to get this using the same exact spot over and over. Throughout the plains, lightning will strike randomly and give very little warning before you need to press to dodge. However, the spot in the video below will always have lightning hitting the exact same spot every time you approach it. This will allow you to simply do a small loop to approach it again, dodge, and repeat. As I mentioned above, you'll need to keep count of your successful dodges yourself, and reset your count back to zero if you get hit.

        Once you have counter 200 successful dodges (add a few extra on to be safe) you can head to the chest shown in the video and collect your rewards. You will get a bunch of different things, but the item "Venus Crest / Fire Star Holy Seal" will be the item that designates 200 dodges and getting that from the chest will unlock the achievement.

      • Obtain Anima

        Anima is a summon that can be obtained through a series of steps. The first and longest step is to collect the six items hidden in the game's temples (Besaid, Kilika, Djose, Macalania, Bevelle, and Zanarkand). The final one in Zandarkand can't be retrieved the first time you go through, so you'll have to return after getting the airship for that one. See here for how to get the items from each of the temples.

        Once you have all six items, use the search function on the airship to try and find a hidden temple in the SW section of the map. Search X=14, Y=57 to find Baaj Temple. Head there and proceed through the water to the entrance, then interact with all the statues inside (each one requires one of the items we got from the other temples) and after all have been used you can enter the Chamber of the Fayth to obtain Anima and unlock the achievement. See here for more info on Baaj Temple.

      • After leaving the calm lands, you will cross a bridge on your way to Mount Gagazet. An optional path under the bridge will lead to the cave where Yojimbo waits. Defeat him to recruit him as a summon. See here for more info on this battle.

        Note: When you recruit him, always select the third option when he asks how you'll use his power ("To defeat the most powerful of enemies") and then try to negotiate his price. You'll need at least 190,350 gil on hand to recruit him with the best possible negotiation.

      • Obtain Magus Sisters

        Magus Sisters is another optional summon available in the game, and you must have Anima and Yojimbo already to recruit them. See "Feel the Pain" and "It's All About the Money" for more info on getting those two summons.

        Once you have the other two summons, clear the Belgemine battles inside Remiem Temple until you defeat Bahamut to get the Flower Scepter. See here for more info on this temple. To get the second and final item needed to recruit the sisters, you need to have the Monster Arena open by capturing all the fiends in the Calm Lands, then capture all the fiends in the Mount Gagazet area to get the Blossom Crown as a reward in the arena. A list of the monsters in the Calm Lands can be found here and Mount Gagazet monsters can be found here.

        Once you have both items and both of the other two optional summons, break the seal behind Belgemine in Remiem Temple to recruit the Magus Sisters and unlock the achievement.

      • Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater

        You can begin buying these earlier in the game but I would suggest not buying any until all of them available. Once you have access to the final dungeon of the game (on page 30 of the Jegged walkthrough) all of them should be available for purchase. This will cost 426k gil, so come prepared and save prior if you want to just get the achievement and then reload to save all your money.

        You can buy 50 movie spheres and 68 music spheres, then speak with the music seller after buying the entire stock and 3 more will be available for purchase. Once you have them all the achievement will unlock.

      • Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0

        To get this achievement, first do "Chocobo License" so you can ride chocobos. Afterward, you can retry the Chocobo Trainer's fourth challenge and attempt to win with the required time. During this race you will get 3 seconds removed from your time for each balloon you collect and 3 seconds added for every bird that hits you. This will likely take a few attempts, but do your best to avoid the trainer and the birds and grab as many balloons as possible to reduce your total time to zero. The video below shows a successful run. You can see the birds will require a full 90 degree turn to avoid, so take off for the sides immediately when you see them spawn.

      • Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack

        See "Mega Strike" for more info.

      • Spend 100,000 gil or more in bribes

        This is cumulative across the game, and the skill can be learned by any character though Rikku will likely learn it first. This is used as a command in battle and is a great way to get rare items. You could potentially save and offer a single monster 100k then reload your save if you'd like, but you'll probably get this naturally anyway toward the end of the game.

      • Obtain all Jecht Spheres


        There are 10 total Jecht Spheres to collect for this achievement. The first is given automatically during story progression (Macalania Woods), and none are missable. Once you get the first, you can backtrack to get eight more and then return to Macalania Woods to continue with the story and the last one will come as you move forward. Otherwise, you could just wait until you got the airship and get them all at that time, your choice. You can use this guide to find all of them.

      • Deal 99999 damage with one attack

        To do this amount of damage, you'll first need a weapon with the Break Damage Limit ability. Most of the Celestial Weapons have this skill (see "Weapon Master"). If you're maxing your stats by getting spheres from arena monsters, you'll likely have a huge strength stat on Wakka and some other characters, making this fairly simply, especially if you attack a weak creature who has had Armor Break applied to it. You'll most likely do this during many of the harder boss fights as well when you activate Overdrives and such.

      • Get 5 treasure chests during the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple and win the race

        This can be done at the same time you're here for the "Delta Attack!" achievement, or you can come back whenever you'd like. As far as the race goes, there are more than five chests available during the race, but five specific ones seem to be the easiest to get to minimize running into other players or walls.

        Stay straight on the first path to grab one up ahead, then take the ramp to the right twice in a row grabbing the chests behind and in front of the ramp, then stay straight for a fourth and finally use a ramp going up backwards just past the fourth chest to get a fifth. From there, you will jump down right before the finish line and should have just enough time to cut off the other chocobo for the win. Watch the video below for this in action.

      • Complete a Sphere Grid for one character

        See "Perfect Sphere Master" for more info.

      • Unlock all slot reels

        Slot Reels are Wakka's overdrives. You can unlock a total of three extra overdrives via the Blitzball mini-game. To earn all of them, Wakka must have participated in a total of 450 battles throughout the game, so I'd suggest not bothering with this until late, just before the final dungeon. This will also ensure some of the best players are available to recruit.

        You will need to win a full Blitzball tournament to win one of the reels, and you can see what the prizes will be prior to starting, so if one of the reels (Attack, Status, then Auroch) are not available, exit the menu and re-enter a few times to cycle the prizes until one comes up. If this fails, you can also use the "Reset Data" option and that should force it, but this will also reset your player data and make them a bit weaker. If you're late in the game, you'll still have great players to choose from so it shouldn't matter.

        For more info on how to play and win Blitzball, see here.

      • Learn to use all enemy abilities

        Enemy abilities are learned by Kimahri as overdrives, and there are 11 in total to learn. To learn an ability, you must use Lancet in battle against them. You can get a number of these abilities during a single boss battle against two Ronso at the top of Mount Gagazet, while all the abilities are available from more common monsters as well.

        A full list of the abilities and the monsters you can learn from can be found here.

      • Obtain all Aeons

        There are eight total Aeons to obtain in the game. Five are given automatically through story progression, and the other three are tied to other achievements. See "Feel the Pain," "It's All About the Money," and "Delta Attack!" for more info on the three optional Aeons.

      • Obtain all Celestial Weapons

        There are seven total Celestial Weapons to collect in the game, one for each main character. The weapons begin fairly useless, but can be powered up (though the achievement only requires that you obtain the base weapon). A full list of all the weapons, how to obtain them, as well as how to power them up, can be found here.

      • Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers


        As mentioned in the Road Map, four of these are missable, so take care as you work through the story to ensure you do not miss any. I would suggest following the Jegged walkthrough to obtain them all. A list of all 26 items in one place can be found here, but it's better to use the full walkthrough rather than just that page on its own.

      • Complete the Sphere Grids for all main characters

        Sphere Grids are the game's version of a leveling system. You will gain AP in battle which is used to unlock sphere nodes, then you need to apply actual spheres earned into those slots. Spheres can vary in power, so you could fully fill out a character's grid without making them as powerful as you might like. If that happens, a clear sphere can be used to replace an existing sphere.

        To quickly gain AP (after spending some time getting the proper equipment to make the method work), use this method in the Monster Arena. To see the best way to max out your characters, see this post with the monsters who drop the best spheres.

      • Defeat Penance

        Penance is the most difficult fight in the game when done legit (meaning you fully play out the battle). You will want to have completed "Perfect Sphere Master" first, hopefully in the most efficient way to get your characters as close to their max stats as possible. It also helps to have a very high luck stat (120+) which is normally a stat most people will pass on.

        To unlock this battle, you must first clear all of the Dark Aeons (for more info on these, check here). From there, you can travel to the fight via the Airship location options. Check here for the best setup and method of tackling this boss.

        The other method to defeating him utilizes the Yojimbo summon. As mentioned in the Road Map, using this summon properly to get an auto-kill effect can be somewhat confusing, though it will obviously knock the boss out immediately. Either way, once the boss is defeated the achievement will unlock.

      • Defeat Nemesis

        Nemesis is the hardest boss found in the Monster Arena, though the battle is not as hard as Penance. To unlock this fight, you will need to capture ten of every type of fiend in Spira, then defeat all of the Species Conquest, Area Conquest, and Original Creation fiends in the Monster Arena and the Attendant will unlock this final battle.

        If you can defeat Penance, this will be little trouble. See "Perseverance" for more info.

      • View "Eternal Calm"

        This can be done right away when you start the game by selecting "Eternal Calm" from the main menu. However, I'd actually suggest doing this last as the video describes the events between FFX and FFX-2, so you can finish this game and then get the lead-in to the next before you start on that. You must watch the entire video for the achievement to unlock.


      Secret achievements

      DLC: Final Fantasy X-2

      There are 34 achievements with a total of 500 points

      • Change dresspheres on Yuna, Rikku, and Paine in one battle

        To switch your equipped dressphere, press in battle during a character's turn. Do this with all three girls in the same battle to unlock the achievement.

      • Obtain one special dress

        There are three total special dresspheres in the game, and one is missable. These are found as follows:

        • Yuna: Floral Fallal - Complete the "Two Birds, One Stone" mission at Djose in Chapter 2.
        • Rikku: Machina Maw - Complete the "Water We Doing Here?" mission at Bikanel in Chapter 2.
        • Paine: Full Throttle - Talk to Tromell four times at the spring in Macalania Woods near Lake Macalania in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2.

        You only need to obtain one of these for this achievement, but "Sphere Hunter" still requires all of them.

      • Listen to all of Maechen's stories

        You will have the opportunity of four encounters with Maechen during the game. It is very important that you do not press ANY buttons after you speak with him as this will interrupt his story. You must let all his dialogue complete to earn this achievement. You will find him at the Youth League HQ in Mushroom Rock Road (Chapter 1), Logos' Room in Guadosalam (Chapter 3), Celsius' Bridge after the concert (Chapter 4), and Zanarkand Ruins (Chapter 5).

        All of these interactions are covered in the 100% Walkthrough, so be sure to follow that so you don't miss anything.

      • Help Clasko catch a chocobo by the end of Chapter 3

        For this achievement, you must ensure that you take a few specific steps in the first chapters of the game. When you get to Mushroom Rock Road in Chapter 1, talk to Clasko before starting the "Foggy Fiend Frenzy!" mission, and again after to invite him onto the Celsius. After completing the "Cuckoo for Chocobos!" mission in Chapter 2, when you arrive back at the travel agency in Mi'Ihen, once again speak to Clasko and invite him onto the ship. Lastly, when you arrive at the Calm Lands in Chapter 2, Clasko will run away - make sure to follow and save him, completing the "Clean Sweep" mission to clear out the chocobo ranch.

        Now you can catch a chocobo. Get some Gyshal Greens from Clasko, get into a random battle, and use the Greens as an item on the chocobo. Defeat the rest of the enemies to capture the chocobo and unlock the achievement.

      • Defeat YSLS-Zero

        Story related and can not be missed.

      • Defeat Zalamander

        Story related and can not be missed.

      • Win 10 times at Sphere Break

        Sphere Break is a mini-game you can play against NPCs in the Blitzball locker rooms in Luca. There will also be a tournament held during Chapter 3. Rather than go into a big explanation here, I'll point you to this website which breaks down the game's rules and even has an online tool to assist you in winning most common battles. You'll get four wins from the tournament, and can defeat the same opponent (any opponent) in Luca another six times to unlock the achievement.

      • Use Mix 30 times

        The Alchemist dressphere is unlocked by completing the "Clean Sweep" mission (see "Tricky Trapper"), and this will allow you to use the Mix command in battle. With that equipped, use Mix 30 times in battle (combine any two items such as simple potions) to unlock the achievement. You can do all 30 in the same battle even if you don't plan to use this dressphere much.

      • Learn 5 Blue Bullet skills

        Blue Bullet skills can only be learned if you obtain the Gun Mage dressphere. You have two shots at this sphere, both in the Moonflow area from Tobli. In Chapter 1 you can complete the "Shave the Hypello" mission, or in Chapter 2 you can complete the "YRP, The Scalpers Three" mission. Once you have the sphere equipped, you need to be attacked by specific enemies using specific abilities. The attack can kill you and you'll still learn the skill. A full list of these skills can be found here.

        You need to learn five skills with a single character, though many of these skills hit everyone at once, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I personally learned Blaster from the Queen Couerl in Chateau Leblanc, Heaven's Cataract from Gucumatz in the Thunder Plains, Stone Breath from Tomb and Fire Breath from Balivarha, both in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, and lastly Seed Cannon from Leucophylla in the Calm Lands. All of this was done consecutively during Chapter 3.

      • Pay off O'aka's debt

        This achievement must be done before you reach Macalania Woods in Chapter 2. First, you must complete the "Follow that O'aka!" mission in Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 and allow him aboard the Celsius. This will add him as a vendor, and you must purchase 100,000 worth of items from him so he can pay off his debt.

        A quick way to get the money needed for this can be done the first time you arrive in Guadosalam in Chapter 2. The innkeeper will offer to sell you a tip for 10,000 gil and offer a hint when he does. Save prior to speaking with him, and if the hint is "It is the last person you would expect..." then purchase the tip, if not reload your save. Once you get the correct tip, purchase the data then turn right around and sell it back to him for 100,000 gil.

        Now that you have plenty of money, finish paying off O'aka's debt by purchasing items. The 100% Walkthrough mentions the cutoff for this many times, so you shouldn't miss it.

      • Win a blitzball match

        Blitzball is available to play during Chapter 5, and thankfully only a single win is needed since this isn't required for anything else (unlike FFX). A comprehensive guide to this mini-game can be found here, though it will be fairly familiar to those who played the previous entry in this series.

      • Use Bribe 30 times

        Bribe is an ability granted by the Lady Luck dressphere. You will earn this by winning the Sphere Break tournament in Chapter 3. See "Sphere Breaker" for more info on this mini-game. If you fail to win the tournament, you can still obtain this sphere during Chapter 5, but the opponent is twice as hard. I would suggest reloading your save if you fail to win the tournament rather than trying later.

        With the Lady Luck sphere equipped, use Bribe in battle 30 times. This command gives gil to the enemy to receive an item, and costs more depending on the enemy's maximum health (not current health). The bribe counts even if it fails, so simply use it 30 times offering zero gil to unlock the achievement. You could even do it all in one battle.

      • Complete the ability set for one dress

        To complete an ability set, you will need to gain AP from battles and apply it to learn new skills and increase your stats. Black Mage is the quickest to complete at only 680AP. AP is earned for every action you take and enemy you kill while wearing a dress. You get more AP for certain enemies, like bosses, though most things give very little so this will take a while.

      • Roll the same number on all the Gambler's Dice

        This achievement will be done with the Lady Luck sphere (see "Excellent Negotiator" for how to get this) and specifically the "Two Dice" skill is easiest. Use this in battle until both dice land on the same number to unlock the achievement.

      • View one complete fiend tale

        This can be done in the Creature Creator section of the game. A complete fiend tale will be available once you level up any fiend five times, then release it in the "Creature History" section. Most fiends will level up automatically as you complete chapters, so even if you ignore this for the most part, you should get near your goal toward the end of the game with little effort. A comprehensive guide on using the Creature Creator can be found here. You'll likely have to fight in some tournaments to get the final level up in order to release it and unlock the achievement.

      • Complete an episode in Chapter 5

        See "Sweet Perfection" for more info.

      • Open the chest that includes the Ribbon in the Bevelle Underground

        Bevelle Underground will first be accessible during Chapter 2, and will be available again in Chapters 3 and 5 as well. To get to the chest that the Ribbon is in, you must manipulate the six towers in a specific order to create a staircase down to the basement. Follow the video below to activate the towers in the correct order and access the chest.

      • Reach the highest level (LVMAX) in Gunner's Gauntlet

        Gunner's Gauntlet is a mini-game found in Besaid Village in Chapters 2, 3, and 5. The goal is to shoot as many fiends as possible as you make your way to the beach, and you want to score 2800 points to obtain this achievement. You can chain kills together and increase your score multiplier, while getting hit will reset the multiplier. There is a spot in the course where enemies will ignore you and run right on by, allowing you to rack up all 2800 points with no trouble, after which you can simple run to the end to complete the run and unlock the achievement. The purple/yellow creature is important to kill as it yields Volley ammo which will kill every enemy on screen at once. You can also create this by combining two Death ammo. See the video below for this method.

        Note: You'll have to complete the game a few times to get to at least Level 6 before you'll have enough enemies coming through to make it to 2800 points. Keep playing and getting as high of a score as possible to rank up the game to where you'll be successful for the achievement.

      • Achieve a 99 chain attack

        Your chain will increase in battle as you connect multiple hits on an enemy before they can recover from the previous hit. Some enemies have longer recovery times, and the best enemy to do this against is Chac, a large serpent boss on Floor 80 of Via Infinito and as a regular enemy on Floors 81-84. This enemy has a large health pool (nearly 438k) so it can take a lot of hits. With all three girls in Thief dresspheres and auto-haste items equipped, you can use basic attacks and get this with little trouble. You could also wear Gunner dresspheres and abuse the Trigger Happy skill, but that's a bit harder to pull off. If you are over level 85-90 when you attempt this, you might kill the enemy before getting to x99, so try to get it done sooner than later.

      • Deal 99999 damage with one attack

        Similar to the corresponding achievement in FFX, you must have the Break Limit ability to deal over 9999 damage and get this achievement for hitting the new max of 99999. There are a number of ways to get this ability. Check the FFX-2 section regarding Break Damage Limit here to get one.

        Once you have the ability, you'll want a strong attack that ignores defense (the Mascot dressphere is good for this) and then buff the appropriate stat through accessories and in-battle buffs, and unleash a powerful attack on a weak enemy, such as those found on the bottom floors of the Via Infinito.

      • Catch the Amazing Chocobo

        To get this achievement you will need to first unlock the "Tricky Trapper" achievement to unlock the chocobo ranch, and capture four chocobos capable of reaching Level 5 (speak to them to check this stat). From here, you need to level them up by dispatching them to the Calm Lands and fighting seven random battles of your own before they will level up. There is a chance a chocobo could run away (minimize this by filling the ranch to capacity), so always save prior to returning to Clasko to check on their status (after the random battles). So in essence: dispatch, fight battles, save, talk to Clasko, and refill hearts/level up - repeat this four times until all the birds are Level 5.

        Now you will want to send birds 2-4 to the Calm Lands, fight the random battles, and return again - assuming none ran away, you will find you have discovered a secret dungeon. Entering this dungeon, you will need to navigate it, open all possible doors, and defeat the Anything Eater boss to get to the Amazing chocobo and unlock the achievement. A map for this dungeon to find the boss, all the doors, and the chocobo can be found here.

      • Obtain all dresspheres

        There are 19 total dresspheres to unlock for this achievement. Three are default and three are story related, but the rest must be unlocked in various other ways. Here is the full list:

        • Gunner: Yuna's default
        • Thief: Rikku's default
        • Warrior: Paine's default
        • Songstress: Story related
        • Festivalist: Speak to Brother any time on the Celsius
        • Psychic: Complete the Standard Cup in the Fiend Arena
        • Black Mage: Story related
        • White Mage: Story related
        • Gun Mage: See "Learner" for how to unlock this
        • Alchemist: see "Tricky Trapper" for how to unlock this
        • Dark Knight: This can be found in a chest in the Bevelle Underground section during Chapter 2 (or later in 3 and 5 as well). Follow the IGN walkthrough linked in the Road Map to find it
        • Lady Luck: See "Excellent Negotiator" for how to obtain this
        • Berserker: Complete the "Millionaire" achievement, then return to the agency in Lake Macalania in Chapter 3 and complete the "Secure the Agency" mission
        • Trainer: In Chapters 1 and 2, speak to Kimhari at Mount Gagazet and always choose the middle (second) option when given the choice. Return to Kimhari in Chapter 3 to get the sphere
        • Samurai: During the "Pest Control" mission in Kilika Temple in Chapter 3, once you extinguish the flames in the pit at the end of the Cloister of Trials, the dressphere will be on the ground in the pit. If you missed this dressphere in Chapter 3, it is located in a chest in Kilika Temple in Chapter 5
        • Mascot: Complete every Episode at every location in Chapter 5 and you will obtain this dressphere when you return to the Celsius automatically. Make sure not to do the Zanarkand Ruins Episode Complete last, as you do not return to the Celsius automatically after that one. If you are unable to get an Episode Complete in every location, this can be obtained by completing the Youth League Cup in the Fiend Arena (this is much harder and you need to do 100% for another achievement anyway, so do it that way)
        • Floral Fallal: Yuna's special dressphere, obtained after the "Two Birds, One Stone" mission in Djose during Chapter 2
        • Machina Maw: Rikku's special dressphere, obtained after the "Water We Doing Here?" mission in Bikanel during Chapter 2
        • Full Throttle: Paine's special dressphere, obtained after speaking to Tromell four times in Macalania Woods in Chapters 1 or 2

        If you are following the 100% Walkthrough and IGN Walkthrough linked in the Road Map, all of these spheres will come along the way.

      • Obtain Magical Dances, Vol. II

        This item can be obtained on Bikanel Island in Chapter 5. To earn it, you must defeat Experiment while it has maxed out stats. To do this, you need to dig up items at the yellow X marks on the mini-map. You will only be able to dig if you got the "Letter of Introduction" earlier in the game (this is marked in the 100% Walkthrough). Experiment has three stats to max at 38, and you will get a random part each time you dig. You can get Attack, Defense, or Special parts, and they can be of A (+1), S (+3), or Z (+5) quality. Once you max all three stats, defeat Experiment to obtain the book and the achievement.

        Note: Before maxing Experiment's stats and defeating it, make sure you fight it while its stats are lower. This is required for some percentage of completion toward the "Sweet Perfection" achievement, as noted in the 100% Walkthrough.

      • Complete Shinra's Bestiary

        To complete Shinra's Bestiary, you must encounter every enemy in the game, and you must also encounter every enemy in their Oversoul state (which happens after killing a certain number of a species type). You don't necessarily need to defeat the enemies since the entry is filled in as soon as you encounter them, so you can flee from oversoul enemies to keep that species oversouled and get more entries easily.

        A full list of enemies in the game, and the locations they can be found in the Via Infinito can be found here. Obviously you will fight plenty of enemies outside this location as well, but aside from the Precepts Guard and Georapella which must be fought in the Bevelle Underground location, all enemies can be fought and Oversouled in the Infinito. However, a few must be fought outside the Infinito before they will show up inside. These are: King VERMIN!, Azi Dahaka, and Chocobo Eater.

      • Defeat Trema

        Trema is the final boss on Floor 100 of the Via Infinito, and must be faced directly after Paragon, another tough boss. Worse yet, you start the battle against Trema literally directly after defeating Paragon, so you can't heal or replenish mana or switch equipment at all between the two bosses.

        There are a number of strategies for defeating these bosses. A few I found helpful are this one using Bribe and Mix to be invulnerable basically the entire fight, and this one using a simple setup of high-levels and tonics to max out your defense early on. There are likely many other strategies available out there, but just be wary of any "Catnip" strategies as those are based off the first versions of the game and the updated release we have nerfed it significantly (though it isn't totally useless).

      • Complete 100% of the main story

        The 100% Walkthroughs I linked in the Road Map will net you this achievement. There are many, many minute actions that must be taken to ensure you get all the percentage necessary toward this. If you miss anything on your first run through the game, or choose to play it blind, you can start a New Game Plus (NG+) and will only need to do the actions you missed to finish off the completion. Do be aware though, there is no way to track what you've missed in-game. You could be sat at 99% and have no clue what you missed, basically requiring you to do every action again. Try to be as thorough as possible!

      • Reach the 10th floor of Iutycyr Tower

        See "Giant Tower" for more info.

      • Reach the 20th floor of Iutycyr Tower and defeat the boss

        See "Giant Tower" for more info.

      • Reach the 40th floor of Iutycyr Tower and defeat the boss

        See "Giant Tower" for more info.

      • Reach the 60th floor of Iutycyr Tower and defeat the boss

        See "Giant Tower" for more info.

      • Obtain treasure in the Tonberry area

        This achievement should be done on Floor 61 of the Iutycyr Tower. When you arrive here, you should already have two "Save Memos" and three "Find Secret Room" folios. If you don't, backtrack and repeat floors until you do. The guide linked under "Giant Tower" will run you through how to obtain these items, as well as how to access the Tonberry room and obtain the treasure.

      • Reach the 80th floor of Iutycyr Tower and defeat the boss

        Iutycyr Tower is part of the "Last Mission" extra mode accessed via the main menu. You will begin this mode with nothing (it is not tied to the main story in any way) and leaves you with limited inventory space and dress options, and if things go very badly you'll have to restart the entire thing from the beginning.

        A quick guide can be found here at PST, while a very comprehensive guide can be found here at GameFAQs. Between the two, you should get a good idea of what dresses to wear, items to keep, and how to access the secret Tonberry area (for the "Tonberry's Treasure" achievement) which makes your characters very overpowered for the final 20 floors of the Last Mission.


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