- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Cheesed], 6/10 [Legit] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 31 [1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 100025-30 Hours [Cheesed], 50-60 Hours [Legit] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Yes, see below
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

The world has fallen under the dominion of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a sinister corporation that has monopolized the planet's very life force as Mako energy. In the urban megalopolis of Midgar, an anti-Shinra rebel group calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their campaign of resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the rebels, unaware that he will be drawn into an epic battle for the fate of the planet, while having to come to terms with his own lost past.

This game is a port of the original FINAL FANTASY VII. The following extra features are included: 3x speed mode. Ability to turn battle encounters off. Battle enhancement mode.

As this is a digital game, there are no "discs" to speak of. However, most walkthroughs, including the one I used, break it down based on the original PS1 release. This is as follows:
  • Disc 1: The beginning of game until the end of the Forgotten City.
  • Disc 2: The Forgotten Capital to the end of Midgar.
  • Disc 3: The Northern cave to the end of the game.
There are three boosters that can be turned on and used to help you beat the game more quickly and much more easily. These DO NOT disable achievements, so feel free to use them the entire time or as little as you like. If it's the first time you've played the game, you might want to go in blind and play "legit" and if you're a returning fan who just wants to experience the story and nostalgia, "cheese" it up. Your choice either way.
  • Tempo 3x: This will speed up all walking, dialogue, and battle animations. Enable by clicking in .
  • No Encounter: As described, never fight a random battle. Will still encounter bosses. I do not recommend this one, since you need to get to Level 99 for an achievement, and even with the next boost active you will be killed by bosses. Enable by clicking in + at the same time.
  • Battle enhancement: With this, you will always have full HP/MP and unlimited Limit Breaks. You CAN still be killed if an enemy hits you for more damage than your max HP though (which is why using the no encounter boost isn't a good idea since you'll never level up to get more health). Enable by clicking in .
Step 1: Missables on Disc 1
As you play through the game, I would suggest having this guide on hand at all times. Not only does it walk through the story extremely well, it also points out every spot where you'll need to make a decision that affects the lengthy missable Best Bromance (15G) achievement, and marks all three of the other missable achievements: Consummate Cross-dresser (15G), See the Light (35G), and Waiting in the Wings (15G).

As you play through the first disc, use Aeris as much as possible to get kills. We will want to get her Level 4 Limit Break before the Ancient Temple story event. Also try to rotate all your characters as you level up their Limit Break. Once someone hits Level 3 and you've learned all six Limit Breaks, remove them from your party to work on someone else to avoid unnecessary grinding later on.

Also, be sure to have "All" materia equipped in as many slots as possible, and use any Double or Triple Growth weapons/armor you can. These materia, when fully leveled, sell for 1.4m gil each and will go a long way toward the Coming Up All Nines (35G) achievement. Working on this throughout the story will relieve a bit of grinding at the end of the game.

Step 2: Missables on Disc 2
There are only a few other missable things we need to worry about. Be sure to get all of these as you go through Disc 2.
  • Neo Bahamut materia in the Whirlwind Maze. This is needed for the Bahamutype-0 (35G) achievement. The guide I linked above mentions when to grab the materia, so again, follow that for success.
  • Huge materia in Mount Corel. You must successfully stop the train to receive this item. All four Huge materia are missable and needed for the Bahamutype-0 (35G) achievement.
  • Huge materia in Fort Condor. You must defeat CMD. Grand Horn to obtain this one. This battle can be failed, but the story can continue after regardless, so be sure to win to get the materia.
  • Scimitar weapon in the Underwater Reactor after the Carry Armor battle. Missing this won't void any achievement, but is very helpful in doing the Coming Up All Nines (35G) achievement. It will save time in the long run.
  • Huge materia in Underwater Submarine Fight. You must defeat the Shinra sub during this mini-game or miss out on this piece of the Huge materia.
  • Huge materia in Rocket Town. When escaping the rocket, be sure to grab this on the way. Cid points it out, but you can ignore him - don't do that.
  • W-Item materia in the Winding Tunnel during the final section of the disc. Used for the same reason as the Scimitar. Both of these items are again optional, and marked in the walkthrough I linked above.
Once again, continue to rotate your characters and learn all their Limit Breaks so they are ready to learn their Level 4 Breaks once you get the appropriate item. Once everyone has learned their Level 4 Breaks, you can use whatever party you like for the rest of the game.

Step 3: Complete the Game
From here, you can just ride out the rest of the game without worry of missing any other important items, or any achievements at all. There are no missables on Disc 3. Once you near the end of the game, you can either finish it and reload your save to do Step 4, or make a save and do Step 4 first if you want the A Feat of Meteoric Proportions (70G) achievement to be your last.

Step 4: Mop Up
As you near the end of the game, or after beating it, check your achievements and see what is left. There will be many things still to do, so check each achievement below for the requirements and grind it all out now. The achievements for maxing your gil and levels, as well as the superbosses will take the most time.

Aside from the lengthy bromance on Disc 1, there really aren't any troublesome achievements in this game. If you're playing legit (without boosters) it will take some extra work to defeat the superbosses, but since you need to hit Level 99 anyway, it's not too bad. With the boosters on, the game is an absolutely cakewalk. If you're new to FF7, enjoy the wonderful story and if you're a returning fan, enjoy the nostalgia!
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy VII Achievement Guide

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There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Emerge victorious from your first battle

    Well this one is quite obvious. Win any battle and profit.
  • Use a Limit Break

    Limit Breaks are special attacks that can be used when a character's Limit bar fills up. This bar will slowly fill as you are hit in battle. Once the bar is full, your normal attack option will change into a Limit choice. Simply use the Limit option during battle to obtain the achievement. If you use the Battle Enhancement booster, you will always have a full Limit bar.
  • Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females

    This achievement is missable, and will take place in Wall Market on Disc 1 (Page 3 of the Jegged walkthrough). To get Don Corneo to choose Cloud, he must be wearing the Diamond Tiara, Sexy Cologne, Lingerie, and Honeybees make-up. Follow the walkthrough linked to get all four items. For some reason, there is still no guarantee he will choose Cloud, so save prior to entering the mansion and if he chooses one of the girls, reload your save and enter again. It will work eventually, despite nothing changing.
  • Use a summon Materia in battle

    There are multiple types of Materia in the game. To use a summon type, you will need to equip it into a weapon or armor slot just like other materia, and a new "Summon" option will be added to the command menu during battle. It will cost a specific amount of MP to use, and will bring forward the creature to assist you in battle. Use any summon materia to unlock the achievement. You will get many specific summons as part of other achievements, but any summon will work.
  • Raise a Materia to Lv. 5

    Materia will level as you win battles so long as it is slotted into your equipment (materia sitting in your inventory will not level up). Keep the same materia slotted long enough and it will eventually reach Level 5 (if it can, check the number of stars a materia has to see its maximum level). Materia uses AP, while your characters use XP. You'll see both values after winning battles. There are many specific enemies that give a large amount of AP, and a quick guide to that can be found here.
  • Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer

    This achievement is HIGHLY missable, and requires dozens of dialogue choices to be made throughout Disc 1. You can find a quick rundown of this side-quest here with how it works and all the dialogue choices that affect it. Basically, there is a hidden point system that influences the characters in your party, and once you reach the Gold Saucer for the second time in the story, the character with the most points will invite you on a date. Getting Barret to win this contest is difficult because he starts with zero points, while Aeris starts with 50 and Tifa 30. Basically, you need to be sweet on Barret and piss off the girls for him to be your companion.

    Luckily for us, the Jegged walkthrough I linked up in the Road Map outlines every single choice throughout the game that can affect this achievement, and which one to choose for the best outcome. Simply follow that and you will have no problem getting the achievement. It's easier to follow the full game walkthrough than the specific one I linked in the previous paragraph, to be clear. I simply linked that so you'd be able to have some background info on the achievement itself.
  • Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game

    The Chocobo Racing mini-game takes place at the Gold Saucer. You will be forced to do this as part of the story, and can obtain the achievement at this time. If you fail to win this race, the Gold Saucer will be available to you again later in the game and you can try as many times as you'd like. I failed my first race trying in Manual mode, then tried Auto the second time and won, so that's an option if you're struggling.
  • Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike at the Gold Saucer

    The G-Bike mini-game is also found at the Gold Saucer and is a repeat of the bike chase from earlier in the game. You will need to protect a truck by fighting off bikers. You gain 500 points when you defeat a biker (and can chain them together if you knock one down and he hits another), and you lose 50 points if they hit the truck. This shouldn't take much practice to accomplish, it's not overly difficult (I think I got it on my third attempt). However, you can repeat it as many times as you'd like for 200Gil each try. I'd suggest turning off the 3x speed boost when you try this to have more time to react to the bikers.
  • Have Yuffie join your party

    Yuffie is an optional character that can be recruited at any time after exiting the Mythril Mine (Page 9 of the Jegged walkthrough). You will first need to encounter her as a random battle inside the forests near Junon. Once encountered, you will need to defeat her, then speak to her after the battle and make specific dialogue choices (be sure not to try and use the save point, she'll rob you and run away). Follow this guide for how to conclude the conversation so she joins your party.
  • Have Vincent join your party

    Vincent is the second and final optional character that can be recruited. Your first chance to get him will be in the Shinra Mansion (Page 18 of the Jegged walkthrough), and involves solving some riddles to open a locked safe. Alternatively, you can just use the combination (it's always the same) and then speak to Vincent to recruit him. Follow this guide for how to open the safe (which will also have the item needed for A Universe of Pain (35G)) and where to find Vincent afterward. You can return to this location later in the game if you don't recruit him when the story takes you here, but you may as well do it right away (and it is marked in the main walkthrough to remind you).
  • Obtain the Leviathan Materia

    You must first recruit Yuffie to begin working on this achievement. See Shuriken Join Us (15G) for more info on that. Once you have Yuffie, you can visit Wutai to begin this side-quest. However, it is suggested (if you're not using boosters) to at least wait until after the Ancient Temple to do so.

    If you visit Wutai on Disc 1 or Disc 2, Yuffie will steal all your materia and you will first need to complete the Wutai side-quest to get it all back. Once you have completed that, or if you waited until Disc 3 (she won't rob you then), the Wutai Pagoda side-quest can be attempted. This requires you to defeat a number of bosses with Yuffie alone, so be sure you are ready (or plan to use boosters). You will obtain the Leviathan materia after the final battle, as well as the item needed for the Meet Your Maker (35G) achievement.
  • Obtain the Bahamut Materia

    This achievement is missable, but only if you're careless. The Bahamut materia is dropped by the Red Dragon boss in the Ancient Temple (Page 21 of the Jegged walkthrough). However, it is literally dropped, on the ground, after the battle is over. You simply need to pick it up afterward to unlock the achievement. If you walk away without it, you will miss the materia and the achievement.
  • Obtain 99,999,999 gil

    For this achievement, you must max out your gil, having 100m all at the same time (so this is not a cumulative achievement). The best option to do this involves an in-game glitch that allows you to duplicate items, and using those to level up All Materia items which will sell for 1.4m each. You'll need to max out 74 of these if you're starting this grind with no cash at all.

    You will want the W-Item materia I mentioned in the Road Map for this. The missable Scimitar weapon also helps, as well as another unmissable weapon (Apocalypse) found in the Ancient Forest side-quest. A third weapon with the Double Growth skill helps as well (those two weapons have Triple Growth) but is not strictly necessary. A list of weapons with the Growth skill can be found here.

    To learn about the item duplication glitch, as well as how to farm gil for this achievement and experience for the Liege of Leveling (35G) achievement, see here.
  • Reach Lv. 99 with one character

    Most of this will come along the way as you grind out the gil required for the Coming Up All Nines (35G) achievement. You'll likely still need 25-30 levels once you get enough All materia maxed for your gil needs, but that is still the best method for experience as well. If you don't get into a battle with a Magic Pot, you can hold + to run away from battles as to not waste time.
  • Obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia

    There are two methods to obtaining the Bahamut ZERO materia. One is fairly easy, but requires getting a bunch of missable items during the game. The other is extremely luck-based, and only works if you missed a Huge materia. As described in the Road Map, go for the missable items and option one. Both methods for this achievement make it missable for different reasons.

    1. Collect a total of six materia: Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and four pieces of Huge materia. All of these locations are mentioned in the Road Map and outlined in the walkthrough. Once you have all six items, head to Cosmo Canyon and speak to Bugenhagen. The four Huge materia will be taken, and then you can head inside to speak with the blue Huge materia and obtain Bahamut ZERO and the achievement. If you miss any one of the six items, this method will not work.

    2. This method only works if you miss one of the Huge materia. If you have all four Huge materia, but somehow missed the Bahamut or Neo Bahamut materia, you are now locked out of the achievement for good (neither method described here will work). In this method, you must dig at Bone Village. Again, the Bahamut ZERO materia will ONLY be a valid dig chance if you missed one or more of the Huge materia. It also has a VERY low percentage of being dug up (~3%) so it is again much easier to do option one as described above.
  • Obtain the Knights of Round Materia

    Knights of the Round is a materia hidden in a cave on an unmarked island in the NE section of the world map, and requires a Gold chocobo to reach. See here for a screenshot of the island's location.

    Now, the trick to this achievement is obtaining a Gold chocobo. You can get one through a very lengthy breeding process, which is explained here. And I'm not exaggerating at all when I say it's lengthy. There are multiple specific steps that must be taken and it's easy to make a mistake.

    Alternatively, you can also quickly obtain one by defeating Ruby Weapon (see Ruby Render (70G)) which is trivialized a bit by the Battle Enhancement booster. Ruby will drop a Desert Rose which can be traded to the Kalm Traveler for a Gold chocobo. Normally you'd need the materia earned in this achievement to defeat Ruby Weapon in the first place, so this workaround using the Battle Enhancement booster will save you a big headache versus trying the breeding method.

    Whichever way you do it, once you have the Gold chocobo, travel to the island mentioned above and grab the materia in the cave to unlock the achievement.
  • Learn Omnislash—Cloud's last Limit Break

    Cloud's Level 4 Limit Break Omnislash is obtained from the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer. You will need to amass either 51,200 BP (Battle Points) if you're attempting when it is first available (Page 19 of the Jegged walkthrough), or the total drops to only 32,000 BP if you attempt it after obtaining the Highwind airship (Page 29 of the Jegged walkthrough). I'd suggest the second option as the GP required to attempt the Battle Square is easier to obtain later in the game. You can simply buy it from a man at the entrance to the Gold Saucer rather than trying to win it in Wonder Square.

    The Battle Square is a series of arena fights using a single character. Each round will apply a debuff to your character to make the next more difficult. You can check the link above for suggested setups to do this, or just use the Battle Enhancement booster to blast through it easily. Be sure to amass all your points in one trip and spend them - they do not get saved if you return later. I'd suggest having at least 100 GP on hand since you'll need to do the battles a few times to get enough points, and it costs 10 GP per attempt. Once you purchase the Omnislash item from the BP shop, use it to teach it Cloud and unlock the achievement.

    Note: You must learn all of Cloud's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Cloud's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Catastrophe—Barret's last Limit Break

    Barret's Level 4 Limit Break Catastrophe is received from an old lady in North Corel after the events of Rocket Town (Page 36 of the Jegged walkthrough). You simply need to speak with her in her home, and can get it whether you save the town or not (though be sure to save it for the Huge materia as mentioned in the Road Map).

    Note: You must learn all of Barret's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Barret's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Final Heaven—Tifa's last Limit Break

    Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break Final Heaven can be obtained after Cloud rejoins your party on Disc 2 (Page 33 of the Jegged walkthrough). You will need to use the Highwind and return to Nibelheim and play a song on Tifa's piano. Use the following button commands for the song:                 . Once you finish the song correctly, you will obtain the item.

    Note: You must learn all of Tifa's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches her Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Tifa's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Great Gospel—Aeris's last Limit Break

    This achievement is missable. Aeris's Level 4 Limited Break Great Gospel must be obtained and learned before entering the Ancient Temple at the end of Disc 1. When you are at this point of the story, instead of going to the Temple, return to Nibelheim and use the Buggy to travel to Costal del Sol and pay to take a ship to Junon. The Buggy will appear outside of town, so use that to travel east across a river to find a small cave.

    Speak to the old man inside the cave until he tells you how many battles you've participated in. You want this number to end in a set of the same two odd numbers (so 11, 33, 55, 77, or 99). If it didn't match right away, head outside and fight however many times you need, then return. He will give you a Mythril item.

    Now we need to use the Buggy find the man who lives in a small house on a cape SE of the Gold Saucer (take the ship back from Junon to Costa del Sol first). Once inside, trade the Mythril for the chance to open one of the chests in his house. Be sure to open the smaller one upstairs to obtain the right item.

    See here for pictures of the cave, house on the cape, and the box you want to open.

    Note: You must learn all of Aeris's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches her Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Aeris's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Cosmo Memory—Red XIII's last Limit Break

    Red XIII's Level 4 Limit Break Cosmo Memory is obtained in the process of recruiting Vincent to the party. See Won't You be My Valentine? (15G) for more info.

    Note: You must learn all of Red XIII's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Red XIII's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn All Creation—Yuffie's last Limit Break

    Yuffie's Level 4 Limit Break All Creation is obtained in the process of getting the Leviathan materia and completing the Wutai Pagoda side-quest. See Making Waves (15G) for more info.

    Note: You must learn all of Yuffie's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches her Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Yuffie's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Slots—Cait Sith's last Limit Break

    This is by far the easiest of the Limit Break achievemnts. Cait Sith only has Level 1 Limit Breaks and learns Slots after defeating 40 enemies in battle. That's it!
  • Learn Chaos—Vincent's last Limit Break

    Vincent's Level 4 Limit Break Chaos can be found inside the Crystal Cave behind the waterfall at the end of the river west of Costal del Sol. Once you find the cave (see here for screenshots to help you), you'll see a short scene and get kicked back outside. Fight ten random encounters, then re-enter the cave to obtain the item.

    Note: You must learn all of Vincent's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Vincent's Limit Breaks.
  • Learn Highwind—Cid's last Limit Break

    Cid's Level 4 Limit Break Highwind can be obtained anytime after getting the sub (Page 34 of the Jegged walkthrough). You can then submerge south of Costal del Sol/east of Gold Saucer to find a sunken airplane. This area has very tough enemies, so either come here after leveling a ton or use Battle Enhancement. Once you go through all the areas and defeat the bosses, you will obtain this item from a chest in the next room. See here for more info on this optional dungeon.

    Note: You must learn all of Cid's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. See here for how to unlock Cid's Limit Breaks.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Obtain the Master Summon Materia

    There are two methods to obtaining this achievement. The first requires you to obtain all 16 Summon type materia in the game. I honestly won't even go into this method, because it is long, difficult, and one of them is missable. Also, because the second option is basically done for us in another achievement, so there's no reason to then go out of your way to do the harder method here.

    After defeating Emerald Weapon (see Emerald Eviscerator (70G)) you will obtain the Earth Harp item. You can trade this to the Kalm Traveler and receive the Master Summon materia in return.
  • Have your whole party fall in battle

    Well this is pretty obvious. Let all your characters die to obtain this achievement. Just be sure you've saved recently!

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Diamond Weapon

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Ruby Weapon

    Ruby Weapon is an optional boss found randomly outside of Gold Saucer on the world map, and the toughest encounter of the game. It appears as a big red monster that you can run into with the airship, and only shows up after defeating Diamond Weapon during the story (Page 37 of the Jegged Walkthrough).

    Now, we have two methods of defeating Ruby Weapon. First, the legit method where you level up crazy high, use all the best equipment, materia, and strategies. And of course the second method where we turn on the Battle Enhancement booster and just smack the crap out of the thing. It's your choice as to how you tackle this. See here for tips on the battle either way.
  • Defeat Emerald Weapon

    Emerald Weapon is another optional boss in the game that can be found underwater when you submerge with the sub. It will spawn randomly as a big green monster each time you submerge and will move if you surface and come back under. Run into it to begin the fight.

    Similar to Ruby Weapon, you can face this foe legit and put in your preparation and have a tough battle, or cheese it with the Battle Enhancement booster. Totally your call. Either way, see here for tips on this fight.

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