Leviathan Achievement

  • Leviathan



    Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan

    The fight against NORG inside Balamb Garden (page 16 of the Jegged walkthrough) is when you can unlock this GF. Be sure to use the "Draw" command in battle to unlock it.

    You have a second chance at this during the Trauma fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Note: achievement did not pop after I drawn it from NORG. I tried using Leviathan in battle and still didnt pop. Because I had already saved my game after NORG boss fight, I couldn't reload and try drawing levi again. So I tried resetting the game instead. Still didnt work. I thought maybe xbox is just being slow with this achievement? Cuz sometimes it takes xbox a hot minute to realise. But nope still nothing. I've unlocked pandoramana, cerberus, alexander without any problems. Ive done the CC card game as well and that unlocked no problem. So it seems leviathan doesnt want to unlock -_-

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