Tonberry Achievement

  • Tonberry



    Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry

    The Tonberry GF is obtained in the Centra Ruins area. This is annoying to accomplish because you first have to defeat 20 regular Tonberry enemies before the Tonberry King attacks you, and there is a 20-minute timer going in this area. Simply leave and return to reset the timer, and your count toward the 20 kills will not be reset.

    Tonberry enemies have a move called Everyone’s Grudge which does 20x the number of enemies that party member has killed. This shouldn't hurt anyone but Squall too badly. However, if you let them take two steps forward before attacking, they will not counter with this move. Defeat 20 regular enemies and the king will show up in the same battle where you kill the 20th. His attack pattern is the same as the basic enemies. Defeat him to unlock the achievement.
  • I found this to be extremely tedious and difficult in a manner of speaking. Kudos to anyone who can do this legit. There are several guides online to guide you through this. Personally, i had to use the booster thing that allowed my heath to replenish and even with that, I had to had at least 9000 health with Squall. I failed to realize that the enemies level up with me up until this point so I fought him at level 56. The lower the level, the more likely you can do this faster. Easily had over 100k health, maybe more. Using 3x speed, still took me maybe 30 to 40 minutes. Good luck to anyone trying this.

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