- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Boosters], 6/10 [No Boosters] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 34 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 Hours [Boosters], 25-30 Hours [No Boosters] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Nearly All Guardian Forces and Collectibles - Use Walkthrough!
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

It is a time of war. The Republic of Galbadia, under the influence of the sorceress Edea, mobilises its great armies against the other nations of the world. Squall and other members of SeeD, an elite mercenary force, join hands with Rinoa, a resistance fighter, to fight against Galbadia's tyrannical rule and to prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal. This product is a remaster of FINAL FANTASY VIII, featuring multiple enhancements including additional options to customise your gameplay experience and difficulty, such as: - Battle assist options (HP, ATB gauge, and Limit Break boosts) - Game speed boost (x3) - No random encounters.

Battle Boosters:
As mentioned above, the game features three unique modifiers to make things easier. The first is the 3x game speed boost (click in analog-right.png) you should always have active regardless if you want to play "legit" or not, as the game's original speed is absymal. Then if you want to "cheese" the game a little, always have battle assist on (click in analog-left.png). The final one I would suggest against, this turns off random encounters (click in analog-left.png+analog-right.png at the same time), but this will make grinding out the 1000 kills and maxing out your HP much worse later on, so just fight every enemy that comes your way.

Step 1: Complete the Story (up to final dungeon)
FF8 has many missable achievements, mostly related to obtaining the game's summons, or Guardian Forces. Some of these need to be obtained in a specific way during boss battles, and some can only be fought under certain conditions. Another missable is related to collecting the Timber magazines, of which one is missable. If you want the easiest path to completion, I would highly suggest following this walkthrough which outlines every single achievement in the game, including all collectibles and the best times to get certain cards for Triple Triad.

Go through the story, continuing to follow the Jegged walkthrough so you don't miss anything, up until the final dungeon. Page 34 of the Jegged walkthrough mentions this as the point of no return and gives a list of all the things you should complete before moving on as a reminder. 

Step 2: Grind Kills and Max HP
Take the time now to finish up any of the missable achievements and side-quests, and get the required 1000 kills. During this process you should level up enough to hit the HP cap, or if not follow the guide below to get a quick boost. You should only have two achievements left going into the final dungeon: one for beating Omega Weapon, and one for completing the game.

Step 3: Complete the Game
Now head into the final dungeon, tackle Omega Weapon, and complete the game to get your 1000gs.png!

FF8 is by far my least favorite in the series. The story is boring, the characters are all lame, and the GF system is convoluted. This release solves some of the game's issues, such as the ridiculously brutal walking speed with the 3x speed booster, and having the other boosters to cheese some of the harder content is welcome as well. It's not a terribly long game in comparison to the rest of the franchise, so at least there's that.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Achievement Guide

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There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Shiva



    Unlock Guardian Force Shiva

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Quezacotl

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Ifrit



    Unlock Guardian Force Ifrit

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Siren



    Unlock Guardian Force Siren

    Siren will be obtained during the Dollet Mission (SeeD Exam) on Page 4 of the Jegged walkthrough. You must use the "Draw" command during battle against the Elvoret boss. Be sure you have equipped this command to at least one of your characters before the battle via the Guardian Forced Junction menu.

    You have a second chance at this during the Tri-Point fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Upgrade your weapon

    The first opportunity to do this will be in Timber at the weapons shop. You will have many opportunities and various weapons you can attempt to upgrade throughout the game. Each issue of Weapons Monthly you collect will unlock new upgrades, so be sure to grab these when possible. You'll need various items dropped or stolen from monsters to complete the upgrades, but these should come naturally.
  • Play Triple Triad

    Most NPCs in the game can be challenged to a card game called Triple Triad. Press button-x.png when facing someone instead of the normal interact button to challenge them. This achievement will unlock win or lose.
  • Get your first salary from SeeD

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Brothers

    The Brothers are an optional battle inside the Tomb of the Unknown King (page 11 of the Jegged walkthrough). To face them, you must do four things inside the dungeon: find the Student ID (story related), open the Floodgate, lower the drawbridge and defeat Sacred. Once you have defeated Sacred, you can return to the mysterious statue and interact with it to force out the battle with the Brothers.
  • Reach maximum HP

    This achievement can be done very easily later in the game, assuming you have been teaching your Guardian Forces their extra skills. Use the Brothers Guardian Force to learn the HP+20%/40%80% skills to equip on Squall. You can also try to Draw as many Tornado spells as possible and Junection this to your health for a huge boost. Depending on your level and initial HP stat, this should boost you up to 9999 and unlock the achievement.
  • Kill 100 enemies

    See 1000 Kills (30G) for more info.
  • Capture a Chocobo

    This can be done in any of the game's dome-like forests. You will find an NPC named Chocoboy here. Press button-x.png and choose to ask for help then pay his fee, and he will knock down a Chocobo for you to easily mount and ride.
  • Draw (Stock) magic from enemies 100 times

    Once you have a Guardian Force junctioned to your party member, you can equip the "Draw" skill to use in battle. This will allow you to draw various types of magic from enemies, which is different for every type. Use this ability 100 times, choosing to Stock the magic (versus casting it right away). You can only hold 100 of each type of magic, so be sure to use Draw with each party member or on different enemies, though you can quickly grind this out in Ifrit's Cave right at the beginning of the game.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Alexander

    The fight against Edea inside Galbadia Garden (page 22 of the Jegged walkthrough) is when you will have a shot at this GF. Be sure to use the "Draw" command against her when in battle to unlock it. 

    You have a second chance at this during the Catoblepas fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan

    The fight against NORG inside Balamb Garden (page 16 of the Jegged walkthrough) is when you can unlock this GF. Be sure to use the "Draw" command in battle to unlock it.

    You have a second chance at this during the Trauma fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Pandemona

    The fight against Fujin and Raijin inside Balamb Town (page 19 of the Jegged walkthrough) is when you can acquire this GF. Be sure to use the "Draw" command on Fujin specifically in battle to unlock it.

    You will have a second chance at this in Ultimecia's Caslte from the Red Giant boss.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Cerberus

    Cerberus is an optional battle inside Galbadia Garden (page 22 of the Jegged walkthrough), and you must choose to battle it. Be sure to use the "Draw" command on it in battle to unlock it as your next GF.

    You will have a second chance at this in Ultimecia's Caslte from the Gargantua boss.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Carbuncle

    When fighting the Iguion boss inside the Deling City Sewers (page 12 of the Jegged walkthrough), you must use your Draw command to get Carbuncle from the boss. Make sure you have this command equipped on a party member before initiating the battle.

    You have a second chance at this during the Krysta fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Doomtrain

    Doomtrain is a unique GF that can be created by obtaining a number of items. The first opportunity to do this is after finding the Solomon Ring inside Tear's Point (page 30 of the Jegged walkthrough). You can then follow the steps on this page to complete the Doomtrain side-quest.
  • Loser



    Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad game

    This can be done very early in the game, though I'd suggest saving prior since we want to keep our rare cards. After defeating Ifrit and getting its card, challenge anyone in Balamb to a game and purposely put your cards in the worst spots to lose. They will always choose your best card, in this instance your gold-border Ifrit card.
  • Defeat every member of the CC group

    To begin this side-quest, you must first wait for Balamb Garden to become mobile (page 18 of the Jegged walkthrough), as well as win 15 total card games against people in Balamb region (can be the same person 15 times). Once you do that, your first opponent will be Jack right at the entrance. Follow this page for the rest of the opponents.
  • Complete the Obel Lake side quest

    This side-quest can be done after completing Ragnarok, and requires many steps to obtain some useless items. Regardless, follow this page to complete the side-quest and unlock the achievement.
  • Kill 1000 enemies

    Playing the game naturally, you will likely only defeat about 350-500 enemies. The quickest way to then complete this is to return to Ifrit's Cave which should give 2-4 enemies per battle and grind the rest out there before heading to the final dungeon. You could also use the forest near Dollet where you find the monkey for the Obel Lake quest, which has a guarantee of 3 enemies per encounter, but these are tougher enemies and some can put you to sleep, elongating the fights.
  • Beat the Omega Weapon

    Omega Weapon is an optional superboss that you can fight inside Ultimecia's Castle after you have defeated all the other bosses, but before facing the final boss of the game. There are a slew of methods to defeating this boss, which is typically extremely difficult under normal circumstances. The most popular consist of using Holy War Items to become invincible, trying to proc Selphie's The End spell in her Slot skill, etc. You can read up on all the strategies HERE. I'll include a video below of two cheese methods, the first of which also includes how to summon Omega Weapon, and a third video with a legit win. Good luck!

  • Draw magic 100 times from draw points

    Similar to drawing magic from enemies in battle, you'll need the "Draw" skill equipped on your party members to receive spells from draw points within towns/dungeons or on the world map. You'll come across a large amount of these during the story, and can farm the rest on the world map below.

  • Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines

    There are ten Timber Maniacs magazines to collect in the game, one of which is missable (on the SeeD ship). All of the locations for these collectibles are in the Jegged walkthrough, so you shouldn't miss any if you're following along with that. The locations can also be found in the video below if you need some visual help.

  • Unlock Guardian Force Cactuar

    The Cactuar GF can be found and defeated on Cactuar Island. The fight can be somewhat tough as its 1000 Needles attack will kill someone outright. So long as you have a few Phoenix Downs, you should be able to output enough damage, especially with the battle booster on, before you run out. Defeat the enemy to unlock the achievement.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry

    The Tonberry GF is obtained in the Centra Ruins area. This is annoying to accomplish because you first have to defeat 20 regular Tonberry enemies before the Tonberry King attacks you, and there is a 20-minute timer going in this area. Simply leave and return to reset the timer, and your count toward the 20 kills will not be reset.

    Tonberry enemies have a move called Everyone’s Grudge which does 20x the number of enemies that party member has killed. This shouldn't hurt anyone but Squall too badly. However, if you let them take two steps forward before attacking, they will not counter with this move. Defeat 20 regular enemies and the king will show up in the same battle where you kill the 20th. His attack pattern is the same as the basic enemies. Defeat him to unlock the achievement.
  • Eden



    Unlock Guardian Force Eden

    When fighting the Ultimate Weapon boss inside the Deep Sea Research Center (its own page HERE on Jegged), you must use your Draw command to get Eden from the boss. Make sure you have this command equipped on a party member before initiating the battle.

    You have a second chance at this during the Tiamat fight in Ultimecia's Castle.
  • Finish the game

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Diablos

    Diablos is an optional GF that can be obtained after completing the Training Center area inside Balamb Garden (page 5 of the Jegged walkthrough). Once you get outside and speak to Cid, you must speak with him a second time manually to be given the Magical Lamp item. Using this from your inventory will initiate a battle against Diablos. Summon and defeat him to unlock him for use.
  • Unlock Guardian Force Bahamut

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Find Ragnarok

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Reach SeeD rank A

    To get to SeeD Rank A, you will need to take the SeeD Test found in the game's menu system (Tutorial > TEST). Wait until Squall reaches Level 30 so that all of the test will become available. You'll gain enough points for one or more ranks each test you get 100% on. For more information on how to get points toward your SeeD rank, as well as all the answers to the SeeD Tests, see HERE.
  • UFO



    Complete the PuPu side quest

    This achievement is unlocked by obtaining the PuPu Triple Triad card. To do so, you must find a UFO in multiple locations to eventually blow it up, then encounter the alien that was inside and feed it five Elixirs. More information on how to complete this quest can be found HERE. This can be done at any time after obtaining Ragnarok.

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