Fast to the Finish Achievement

  • Fast to the Finish



    Completed game within 8 hours.

    This achievement is missable!

    For many returning players, this achievement will not seem particularly difficult. Ignoring side-quests, maximizing the efficiency of your leveling and sticking only to story-advancement should make it a breeze. If you're new to the series, it's very much possible to follow a walkthrough and still obtain this, though I wouldn't recommend ruining your first playthrough like that. One useful tip for those looking to earn this legitimately is that the game quicksaves your progress at literally every step, so if you are put in a random encounter, you can simply hit the back button to return to the main menu, then press "resume," and you will only be one step behind where you were, and unlikely to face a battle on the same spot as before. In this way you can move around the game with total confidence, even if at 1 hp, because no random encounter will threaten you. Obviously some scripted battles and boss battles cannot be avoided. This will also ensure you have quite the grind to get the "Monster Massacre" achievement if you use this trick often, but can maximize the efficiency of your leveling up.

    There is another, far easier way to gain this achievement, however. When you reach the final boss, make sure to save before fighting him. Once you have beaten him, the credits will roll. When they finally finish, tap the screen (when it literally says "The End."), and you will be taken back to the main menu. From here, select New Game, and start as normal. But instead of trying to play through the game again, just roam around the starting area (or the Chaos Shrine for speed's sake), and let your characters get attacked by monsters until they all die. At this point, the credits will roll again, and the achievement will pop, since the game will recognize it as a legitimate ending.

    For this method to work, you must select New Game from the main menu directly after watching the credits. You cannot exit the game after earning the achievement for beating the final boss, then try to start a new game; it will not work. But if you don't remember and reset the game somehow, just reload the save from before fighting the final boss, beat him again, and proceed as before.

  • What a crappy achievement. I'd rather take my time and enjoy the game. If I planned on beating this game in a mere 8 hours, I wouldn't pay $6.99 for it.
  • #1 Why not play it more than once then? Once to relive the magic and once to sprint through?!
  • #2 right? This game can so be played more then once its great totally worth the price, seeing how other copies like psp gba where priced at 19.99. Its a steal for this price :D
  • When you do go for a speed run, making use of the back button is pretty helpful - both to pause, and to back out of fights that will take too many turns and increase your overall time. Honestly, there's so much post-game content (that I never played on GBA or any other remake yet) that I'll slow down and enjoy the game once I get this achievement.
  • I will say this, on the gba, i did a first play through in 10:28. so 8 hours will be nothing, i would say go through the game, and play it normally and get to know where you need to go, that helps alot. I wish they would have set an achievement for playing through as 4 white mages... yes...yes... it can be done... ;-) red mages is too easy, and black... well... thats just silly. LMAO
  • Just did this achievement in 5 hours, 14 minutes using a Red Wizard solo (I chose to take 15 minutes to promote from Mage to Wizard since I prefer the graphic of the Red Wizard over the Red Mage, but I doubt it matters much since the red mage is bugged and gains abilities at the same rate as the red wizard). Obviously, a really dedicated player could get much a lower time. This achievement is far, FAR easier with a single character than a group, due to the 4x experience multiplier, and the Red Mage is ridiculously overpowered. As #4 mentioned above, be sure to use the phone's back button to avoid any random encounters, because past level 20 or so, you have no reason to fight any battle that isn't specifically about getting EXP, so it's faster to just avoid them all. This also means that yo
  • u can go anywhere in the game, at any time, with one HP, and never die. Very handy. Anyway. Basic tips - Keep the Defender (in the Waterfall cave) and Giant Gauntlets (level 4 of the Temple of Onrac). They massively buff defense and offense when used as items, and stack - I typically use 10 stacks of each on Chaos, and 5 stacks on regular bosses - East and north of Pravoka, you can fight enemies from near the end of the game. Use Firaga to kill groups of Frost Wolves to massively increase your level speed - Lich is the only hard fight - Grind to max level fighting the Eye right next to the Levistone in the Ice Cave. Can get a level every 30 seconds or so fight him over and over
  • An easier was is to play the game as normal. level up, take you time an enjoy the game. After you beat the main quest let the end movie play all the way to the end without stopping it. When the movie ends you will go back to the main menu. Just start a new game with what ever team you want. Now let your team die. After the fourth member of you team dies the achievement should pop. If not, watch all the credits again and once it is finished and it says the The End, touched the screen and bloop, achievement.
  • @8 Is this true? Can anyone prove this?
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  • I used the method from comment #8. I beat the game in maybe 12 hours, watched the credits to where it says "the end", tapped the screen to go back to the main menu, started a new game, let my party die, watched the credits again to where it says "the end", tapped the screen and the achievement popped up for me. HTC 8X.
  • Lol I love the fact that the method mentioned by #8 actually works. Love this game, never been a fan of speed runs though
  • I will be attempting this tonight from what commenter #8 stated. Using an HTC 8X.
  • I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, that Comment #8's method works beautifully to a 'T'! After my 4th member died, I waited until the credits finished, and when the "The End" was on my screen, I touched my screen & the achievement popped! OUTLAW TI LUNG, you are a genius! Kudos to you my gamer friend!
  • I can also confirm that Comment #8 by OUTLAW TI LUNG worked perfectly! My in-game clock said 65 hours after I completed the game, which included defeating all of the Soul of Chaos bosses for the Soul of KOs achievement and 9 runs through the Labyrinth of Time to kill Chronodia in all its forms for the Out of Time achievement.
  • As an FYI - Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III both immediately crash back to the Home screen on launch on my Window 10 Mobile Lumia 950, but I kept my older Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8.1 and it is still able to run both of games.
  • @16 I'm running FF1 on my Lumia 950 XL without issue. Not played FF3 yet but have accidentally launched it a couple of times instead of FF1 and it didn't crash.

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