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    Defeated Chronodia in all forms.

    This is the big one. My final play time was ~45 hours, and I would bet that 20 of them were spent just in the Labyrinth of Time.

    To access the Labyrinth of Time, you must have already defeated the four Fiends. Before going to the Chaos Shrine to fight the final boss, go into Cornelia, and talk to the mysterious man by the fountain Northeast of the inn. He will walk away wordlessly. At this point, continue on to the Chaos Shrine. Upon arriving, you will witness the man head all the way to the back and leave through an exit in the back wall. Go to it and tap the screen. The doorway to the Labyrinth will open, at this point save your game! Manual saving and quick saves are disabled in the Labyrinth. I strongly recommend that before attempting a run through the Labyrinth, you ensure that you have at least 2 (preferably 3) Staves of Judgment, at least one Rune Staff, 4 White Robes, enough Hi-Potions and Ethers that you can fully restore your characters 7-11 times each, and a party that's at least level 50. Most of the items I've listed are found only in the 4 Elemental Dungeons, I also recommend that you have completed them.

    The Labyrinth of Time is a series of puzzles. Which ones you must solve are taken randomly from a list of 30, and they are all timed. They should all be fairly simple puzzles to complete, though some people find some harder than others, and everyone curses "Marching Orders" with pure hatred. Unfortunately, due to the random nature of nearly every puzzle, trying to use or even find a walkthrough is not possible in most cases, but most are quite easy, so it will hopefully not be a problem. If it gives you any encouragement, you will have lots of opportunity to practice them, whether you need to or not.

    At the beginning of every puzzle, you will be forced to trade some sort of gameplay ability for time. Some things, like the ability to flee encounters or dash while walking, award more time, others will give less time. Each puzzle will have a limit on the number of abilities you can trade for time, but will not tell you what the puzzle is while you are trading. Once you have begun the puzzle, you must move quickly from the starting area to find a stone tablet further in, which will tell the objective of the puzzle. Once you read it, the screen will flash, and random encounters will be disabled in the puzzle area (unless explicitly stated by the tablet). From the entire time after taking the portal (after trading abilities for time), until you have completed the objective of the puzzle, the time you earned by sacrificing your abilities will count down. If it runs out before you solve the puzzle, a thick miasma will fill the screen, your party's health and mana will drain every second, and random encounters will resume in every area of the dungeon. Completing the puzzle after the time has run out will result in the red seal breaking, and will allow you to exit the puzzle via the red portal at the exit (which you must also find). Completing the puzzle before the time runs out will break the blue seal, and allow you to exit the puzzle via the blue portal.

    At the deepest level of the dungeon is Chronodia. She has 8 forms, all of which you must separately reach and defeat. Which Chronodia you face is determined by the number of blue and red seals you have broken on the way to face her. Generally speaking, the more blue seals you have broken, the stronger the version of Chronodia you will face (you will quickly grasp the unfairness of this, since it's actually a great deal more difficult to obtain red seals on purpose than blue). Do not just assume that you can earn one more blue or red seal than the time before and get a different version of Chronodia. Also note that the order in which you gain red or blue seals is extremely important. As one forum member has noted, on a run through the Labyrinth that's only 7 puzzles long, there are 128 different possible combinations of blue and red seals! So when trying to find a specific version of Chronodia, I suggest that you follow this guide exactly and be diligent. Here is the list of all Chronodia forms and the seals combinations to reach them:

    196 = R, R, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia in base form)

    Reward: Maximillian

    197 = B, R, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Lich)

    Reward: Lust Dagger

    198 = B, B, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Marilith)

    Reward: Golden Staff

    199 = B, R, R, R, R, R, B, B, R (Chronodia with Kraken)

    Reward: Master Shield

    200 = B, B, B, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Tiamat)

    Reward: Shadow Mask

    201 = B, R, B, B, R, R, R, R, B, R (Lich and Marilith)

    Reward: Lordly Robes

    202 = B, B, B, B, B, B, R (Kraken and Tiamat)

    Reward: Survival Vest

    203 = B, B, B, B, B, B, B (surrounded by all Four Fiends, Chaos and miscellaneous weapons)

    Reward: Barbarian's Sword

    If this all seems complicated, don't worry. Once you've started the process, it will seem both simple and pretty dull, as you finish up the "Neat and Tidy" puzzle for the 5th time. The important thing to keep in mind is which form of Chronodia you're trying to reach, and your current red/blue seal progress toward that goal. Having something nearby on which to write notes is recommended; it's easy to forget how many seals you have during some of the longer puzzles.

    Some tips:

    • I personally found it a bit difficult to tell from Chronodia's sprite which version of her I was fighting. The weapons which she drops upon defeat are always consistent to each form of her, though, so you can use that to keep track of which forms are left.
    • The Barbarian's Sword that the strongest form of Chronodia drops is the strongest melee weapon in the game, almost double the power of Ragnarok (dropped by Shinryu). It may seem counterintuitive, but I recommend that you face the strongest form first, both because I think it's much easier to get all blue seals, and because having the sword makes the entire Labyrinth significantly easier. Besides, if you leave it for last, what will you use the strongest weapon in the game to fight? The strongest form of Chronodia is tough, but certainly beatable at as low a level as 50 (if you really want to press your luck).
    • When collecting red seals, be sure to note that you never have to trade more than one ability. You cannot access the portal without giving up at least one ability, but the game will let you proceed once one is selected, even if it says to "choose (x) more." Don't get stuck waiting around for 40 minutes in a puzzle that you could solve in five minutes because you need the time to run out to get a red seal.
    • Don't immediately give up on a run through the Labyrinth if you forget what your progress is, or know you've made a mistake. The sequences of red and blue seals I've listed are just ways that are guaranteed to work, not the only ways. If you've faced fewer than half the forms of Chronodia, the odds are in your favor that you will see a form you haven't seen before if you carry on some unknown sequence of seals. Just make sure to make a note of which weapon you receive when you defeat Chronodia.
    • Note that while you cannot save inside the Labyrinth, you will occasionally encounter a room called the "Inner Sanctum," and this room checkpoints you. If at any time after entering the Inner Sanctum and carrying on, you reset, you can hit resume from the main menu and be placed back in the Inner Sanctum. Not only will your seal count and order be intact, but the puzzles that you face after the Inner Sanctum will always be the same. Also, pausing the game by locking the phone screen will pause whatever puzzle you're currently completing. So you don't need to complete each run of the Labyrinth in one sitting, thankfully.
  • You’ll need to complete the Labyrinth of Time at least 8 times :D
  • It really isn't that hard, just tedious. You'll definitely need a guide to get through it all unless you're really diligent with note-taking.

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