Soul of KOs Achievement

  • Soul of KOs



    Completed entire Soul of Chaos.

    To complete the Soul of Chaos, you must complete the 4 bonus elemental dungeons available after defeating each fiend. Specifically, you have to defeat every single boss in each of the dungeons, so multiple playthroughs of each will be required (except in the Whisperwind Cove). The dungeons are revealed as waypoints on your world map when they become available (the world map is accessed by holding a finger on the menu button, where the party's health and mana is displayed). There are walkthroughs for each dungeon, but in general they are unhelpful, in my opinion. Most levels of each dungeon are simply a search for the exit, and since quick save works in these dungeons, all random encounters can be skipped by resetting the game. The only important thing to remember is which bosses you have already faced, and which still remain for you to fight.

    • Earthgift Shrine - 4 playthroughs required
    • Hellfire Chasm - 2 playthroughs required
    • Lifespring Grotto - 2 playthroughs required
    • Whisperwind Cove - 1 playthrough required

    I recommend that you not begin clearing these dungeons until your party is at least at level 35. The random encounters can be skipped and are actually surprising weak, but the bosses are all more difficult than the final boss of the main game.

  • Each Chaos dungeon is unlocked by defeating an elemental fiend: Lich, Marilith, Kraken, and Tiamat.
  • each dungeon has so many levels you can see... starts at 10 for the first and ends at 100 for the last.
  • Just to bump up a comment that was found in the forums (that was a sticking point for me and others): Completing the entire Soul of Chaos means killing all of the bosses, not just doing one runthrough per dungeon. See the forums for more info.

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