Monster Massacre Achievement

  • Monster Massacre



    Defeated 5,000 monsters.

    One of the main enduring complaints about the first Final Fantasy is that you often have to just sit and grind up your levels with random encounters, and apparently the makers of this achievement list wanted to preserve that experience. It is very easy to reach level 99 with your party and still not have killed 5,000 monsters. It is not at all unlikely that this will be your last achievement, even after playing through the Soul of Chaos dungeons multiple times and the Labyrinth of Time 8 times.

    If you want to avoid an end-of-the-game grind, be diligent about killing every monster you meet. If you prefer a more efficient but more boring grind, you can use the reset option to skip every fight in the game except for power-leveling spots or scripted fights, then just slog out the remaining kills in a reliable place. The best one that I've found is in the Ice Cavern. In the room containing the Levistone, fall through one of the outer cracks in the ice, and you'll end up in a small room with a scripted fight at the doorway that typically spawns an average of 7 enemies. One Flare or Dia should kill them all, then just keep triggering the fight by walking back and forth to that spot. It's a grind, but not too bad.


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