Mech Love, Not War Achievement

  • Mech Love, Not War



    Defeated Warmech.

    Warmech is a rare monster that only spawns in a few locations. There is a 1/64 chance that you will encounter one on the 5th floor of the Flying Fortress, the same floor where you find Tiamat. Those odds of finding one are not exactly great; it's not wrong to assume that it will probably take over an hour.

    Otherwise you can also find Warmech in certain puzzles of the Labyrinth of Time. This is much more ideal, since when you find the right puzzle, Warmechs are actually visible as patrolling enemies you are supposed to avoid, and you can fight them without having to look for random encounters. They are also weaker than the ones in the Flying Fortress, and give 8,000 experience when killed, making their puzzles the best places in the game to grind up the levels. The only con to relying on the Labyrinth to supply you with Warmechs is that the Labyrinth is randomized and it is conceivable that you could play all 8 times through and never get the correct puzzles. So, you take a chance whichever way you choose, but I tend to think your odds are better in the Labyrinth.

    Note that Warmechs are much tougher to beat than ordinary random encounters. But since you only find them on your way to fight either Tiamat or Chronodia, you should have no problem.

  • The WarMech is a secret enemy found in the Flying Fortress on floor five, just before fighting Tiama. Encountering WarMech instead of common foes, so good good luck guys.
  • This achievement cracked me up... and also made me remember Ninento power in the late 80's had a picture contest. Warmech was so rare to encounter, they ran a contest where you had to take a picture of warmech on the screen and submit it as an entry. lol I can say over my 20 plus years of Final Fantasy.... i have encountered him, 3 times on the NES cartridge, once on an emulator, and combined with GBA / PSP only 3 times... rare... definately.
  • Got this game day one for wp7 and im still looking for him :'(
  • Omfg finally :D spent another 10 hrs looking and found him :D woo
  • eh i am on like hour 3 i'm ready to give up
  • I got to the 5th floor of the Flying Fortress, ran up and down for a while a found him after about twenty fights.

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