- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 18 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 40-50 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 1, "Fast to the Finish"
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No Difficulty Options
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed: WP8

Welcome to Final Fantasy, the original game that kicked off the venerable series all the way back in 1987, when it was named "Final Fantasy" because Square thought it would be their last game before going out of business. Obviously that's not quite how things turned out, and now you can enjoy the original Final Fantasy on your Windows Phone and even earn achievements for it! Final Fantasy is one of the oldest RPGs, so as with most other games in the genre, don't expect the completion to come quickly. But with patience and diligence, the 200 can be had with little real difficulty, except in one part.

While it is possible to gain every achievement in a single playthrough, time-wise that isn't actually the most efficient way to gain the completion. I recommend two playthroughs, though one will only take a few minutes.

To start with, you'll want to play through the base game as normally. But once you have progressed far enough to have access to the final dungeon and boss, you should wait and clean up everything else you can do. It is important to note that you cannot continue playing after defeating the final boss. If you still have achievements to complete after fighting him, you will need to load a previous save and backtrack through the last dungeon, or start a new game.

At this point, you should focus on ensuring that you have an appropriately leveled and outfitted party, then take on the 4 bonus dungeons for the "Soul of KOs" achievement. Completing these dungeons will also reward you with weapons and armor that will substantially help during the later boss fights. After completing them, you will need to take on the Labyrinth of Time dungeon, which is where you can conceivably spend the majority of your playtime. Once you have finished defeating the boss Chronodia the required 8 times for "Out of Time," then all you have left for the playthrough is to mop up any kills, Gil-collection, or towns visited you may still need, then go back and defeat the final boss of the main game (who at that point will seem stupidly easy).

Your second playthrough is all about the 8-hour speed run. You can either use the method outlined in the guide and complete this in minutes easily, or earn it legitimately. Either way is possible and after likely 30-40 hours of your previous playthrough, you will have no trouble with a legitimate speed run.

I had never played Final Fantasy before I stumbled across it on the Windows Phone, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, in spite of some annoying parts. The Labyrinth of Time does get old, and the 15-Puzzle is an unexpected spot of difficulty, but all in all, this game is still fun more than a quarter-century after it came out, and is definitely worth a spot on your gamertag.

[XBA would like to thank Fragarach Luin for this Roadmap]

Final Fantasy Achievement Guide

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There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points


    Secret achievements

    • Completed the 15 Puzzle within 30 seconds.

      This achievement is the sole reason I rated this game a 6/10 in difficulty rather than a 3/10. 30 seconds truly is an absurd time constraint and the mini-game is a complete departure from every other bit of gameplay in Final Fantasy. But I want to stress that it can be done with only a little practice. You can beat it legitimately or use a solver; I'm not convinced that one way is actually any easier than the other. But know that the achievement is not as intimidating as it seems at first.

      You can access the 15 Puzzle after you have crossed the bridge out of the starting area and made your way East to Pravoka. Once there, you must obtain the Pirate Ship by defeating the Pirates on the West side of the town, and speak to their captain, Bikke. He will give you the ship in the harbor just South of Pravoka, and thereby, access to every harbor in the world. Once aboard the ship, hold one finger on the screen of your phone, and use another finger to tap the screen 23 times (no timing is required, though the game may not register if you tap too fast). This will prompt you to play the 15 Puzzle, with prizes rewarded in-game for fast puzzle completions.

      I have written up an explanation of 15 Puzzle, as well as a tutorial for successfully beating it legitimately, which can be found by clicking HERE. Let me stress that it only took about 2 hours of focused practice for me to get quick enough to obtain the achievement legitimately; it has less to do with intelligence or reflexes, and everything to do with muscle memory.

      There is another strategy for unlocking the achievement, which is to utilize a web-based solver. I have not tested this method, but it makes sense and is apparently the more popular way to earn the achievement. Unfortunately, you should note that a PC (or Mac) is required to use the solver. I have been totally unable to find one that is compatible with any sort of mobile device (and believe me, I tried). Anyway, for this method, you would start the puzzle, then either hold the WP back button to access the phone tabs, or press the Windows button at the bottom center of the phone and then hold the back button. This pauses the game, but still allows you to view the puzzle, and enter the configuration into the solver. Note that puzzles which require many steps (the maximum optimal number of steps is 82) are likely just not possible, and will have to be reset to find a more favorable configuration. Once you have found a fast-completable puzzle (50 steps or fewer), then memorize the first few steps, bring up the tab with the paused game, complete the steps, pause, read the next few steps, and continue until the puzzle is solved. Many have posted that this way isn't particularly easy, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it in your first few tries.

      The most popular solver for this method can be found by clicking HERE.

    • 10K



      Took 10,000 steps.

      I very much doubt that you could beat the game without taking 10,000 steps, but for the gamer who proves me wrong, I have absolutely no doubt that it will take more than 10,000 steps to beat the game, the 4 bonus dungeons, and 8 runs through the Labyrinth of Time. I don't know, however, if "steps taken" are tracked across all save files, so it's best to play it safe and do all your achievement-hunting in one playthrough. This unlocked for me shortly after the Earth Dungeon.

    • Completed game within 8 hours.

      This achievement is missable!

      For many returning players, this achievement will not seem particularly difficult. Ignoring side-quests, maximizing the efficiency of your leveling and sticking only to story-advancement should make it a breeze. If you're new to the series, it's very much possible to follow a walkthrough and still obtain this, though I wouldn't recommend ruining your first playthrough like that. One useful tip for those looking to earn this legitimately is that the game quicksaves your progress at literally every step, so if you are put in a random encounter, you can simply hit the back button to return to the main menu, then press "resume," and you will only be one step behind where you were, and unlikely to face a battle on the same spot as before. In this way you can move around the game with total confidence, even if at 1 hp, because no random encounter will threaten you. Obviously some scripted battles and boss battles cannot be avoided. This will also ensure you have quite the grind to get the "Monster Massacre" achievement if you use this trick often, but can maximize the efficiency of your leveling up.

      There is another, far easier way to gain this achievement, however. When you reach the final boss, make sure to save before fighting him. Once you have beaten him, the credits will roll. When they finally finish, tap the screen (when it literally says "The End."), and you will be taken back to the main menu. From here, select New Game, and start as normal. But instead of trying to play through the game again, just roam around the starting area (or the Chaos Shrine for speed's sake), and let your characters get attacked by monsters until they all die. At this point, the credits will roll again, and the achievement will pop, since the game will recognize it as a legitimate ending.

      For this method to work, you must select New Game from the main menu directly after watching the credits. You cannot exit the game after earning the achievement for beating the final boss, then try to start a new game; it will not work. But if you don't remember and reset the game somehow, just reload the save from before fighting the final boss, beat him again, and proceed as before.

    • Defeated Chronodia in all forms.

      This is the big one. My final play time was ~45 hours, and I would bet that 20 of them were spent just in the Labyrinth of Time.

      To access the Labyrinth of Time, you must have already defeated the four Fiends. Before going to the Chaos Shrine to fight the final boss, go into Cornelia, and talk to the mysterious man by the fountain Northeast of the inn. He will walk away wordlessly. At this point, continue on to the Chaos Shrine. Upon arriving, you will witness the man head all the way to the back and leave through an exit in the back wall. Go to it and tap the screen. The doorway to the Labyrinth will open, at this point save your game! Manual saving and quick saves are disabled in the Labyrinth. I strongly recommend that before attempting a run through the Labyrinth, you ensure that you have at least 2 (preferably 3) Staves of Judgment, at least one Rune Staff, 4 White Robes, enough Hi-Potions and Ethers that you can fully restore your characters 7-11 times each, and a party that's at least level 50. Most of the items I've listed are found only in the 4 Elemental Dungeons, I also recommend that you have completed them.

      The Labyrinth of Time is a series of puzzles. Which ones you must solve are taken randomly from a list of 30, and they are all timed. They should all be fairly simple puzzles to complete, though some people find some harder than others, and everyone curses "Marching Orders" with pure hatred. Unfortunately, due to the random nature of nearly every puzzle, trying to use or even find a walkthrough is not possible in most cases, but most are quite easy, so it will hopefully not be a problem. If it gives you any encouragement, you will have lots of opportunity to practice them, whether you need to or not.

      At the beginning of every puzzle, you will be forced to trade some sort of gameplay ability for time. Some things, like the ability to flee encounters or dash while walking, award more time, others will give less time. Each puzzle will have a limit on the number of abilities you can trade for time, but will not tell you what the puzzle is while you are trading. Once you have begun the puzzle, you must move quickly from the starting area to find a stone tablet further in, which will tell the objective of the puzzle. Once you read it, the screen will flash, and random encounters will be disabled in the puzzle area (unless explicitly stated by the tablet). From the entire time after taking the portal (after trading abilities for time), until you have completed the objective of the puzzle, the time you earned by sacrificing your abilities will count down. If it runs out before you solve the puzzle, a thick miasma will fill the screen, your party's health and mana will drain every second, and random encounters will resume in every area of the dungeon. Completing the puzzle after the time has run out will result in the red seal breaking, and will allow you to exit the puzzle via the red portal at the exit (which you must also find). Completing the puzzle before the time runs out will break the blue seal, and allow you to exit the puzzle via the blue portal.

      At the deepest level of the dungeon is Chronodia. She has 8 forms, all of which you must separately reach and defeat. Which Chronodia you face is determined by the number of blue and red seals you have broken on the way to face her. Generally speaking, the more blue seals you have broken, the stronger the version of Chronodia you will face (you will quickly grasp the unfairness of this, since it's actually a great deal more difficult to obtain red seals on purpose than blue). Do not just assume that you can earn one more blue or red seal than the time before and get a different version of Chronodia. Also note that the order in which you gain red or blue seals is extremely important. As one forum member has noted, on a run through the Labyrinth that's only 7 puzzles long, there are 128 different possible combinations of blue and red seals! So when trying to find a specific version of Chronodia, I suggest that you follow this guide exactly and be diligent. Here is the list of all Chronodia forms and the seals combinations to reach them:

      196 = R, R, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia in base form)

      Reward: Maximillian

      197 = B, R, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Lich)

      Reward: Lust Dagger

      198 = B, B, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Marilith)

      Reward: Golden Staff

      199 = B, R, R, R, R, R, B, B, R (Chronodia with Kraken)

      Reward: Master Shield

      200 = B, B, B, R, R, R, R, R (Chronodia with Tiamat)

      Reward: Shadow Mask

      201 = B, R, B, B, R, R, R, R, B, R (Lich and Marilith)

      Reward: Lordly Robes

      202 = B, B, B, B, B, B, R (Kraken and Tiamat)

      Reward: Survival Vest

      203 = B, B, B, B, B, B, B (surrounded by all Four Fiends, Chaos and miscellaneous weapons)

      Reward: Barbarian's Sword

      If this all seems complicated, don't worry. Once you've started the process, it will seem both simple and pretty dull, as you finish up the "Neat and Tidy" puzzle for the 5th time. The important thing to keep in mind is which form of Chronodia you're trying to reach, and your current red/blue seal progress toward that goal. Having something nearby on which to write notes is recommended; it's easy to forget how many seals you have during some of the longer puzzles.

      Some tips:

      • I personally found it a bit difficult to tell from Chronodia's sprite which version of her I was fighting. The weapons which she drops upon defeat are always consistent to each form of her, though, so you can use that to keep track of which forms are left.
      • The Barbarian's Sword that the strongest form of Chronodia drops is the strongest melee weapon in the game, almost double the power of Ragnarok (dropped by Shinryu). It may seem counterintuitive, but I recommend that you face the strongest form first, both because I think it's much easier to get all blue seals, and because having the sword makes the entire Labyrinth significantly easier. Besides, if you leave it for last, what will you use the strongest weapon in the game to fight? The strongest form of Chronodia is tough, but certainly beatable at as low a level as 50 (if you really want to press your luck).
      • When collecting red seals, be sure to note that you never have to trade more than one ability. You cannot access the portal without giving up at least one ability, but the game will let you proceed once one is selected, even if it says to "choose (x) more." Don't get stuck waiting around for 40 minutes in a puzzle that you could solve in five minutes because you need the time to run out to get a red seal.
      • Don't immediately give up on a run through the Labyrinth if you forget what your progress is, or know you've made a mistake. The sequences of red and blue seals I've listed are just ways that are guaranteed to work, not the only ways. If you've faced fewer than half the forms of Chronodia, the odds are in your favor that you will see a form you haven't seen before if you carry on some unknown sequence of seals. Just make sure to make a note of which weapon you receive when you defeat Chronodia.
      • Note that while you cannot save inside the Labyrinth, you will occasionally encounter a room called the "Inner Sanctum," and this room checkpoints you. If at any time after entering the Inner Sanctum and carrying on, you reset, you can hit resume from the main menu and be placed back in the Inner Sanctum. Not only will your seal count and order be intact, but the puzzles that you face after the Inner Sanctum will always be the same. Also, pausing the game by locking the phone screen will pause whatever puzzle you're currently completing. So you don't need to complete each run of the Labyrinth in one sitting, thankfully.
    • Completed entire Soul of Chaos.

      To complete the Soul of Chaos, you must complete the 4 bonus elemental dungeons available after defeating each fiend. Specifically, you have to defeat every single boss in each of the dungeons, so multiple playthroughs of each will be required (except in the Whisperwind Cove). The dungeons are revealed as waypoints on your world map when they become available (the world map is accessed by holding a finger on the menu button, where the party's health and mana is displayed). There are walkthroughs for each dungeon, but in general they are unhelpful, in my opinion. Most levels of each dungeon are simply a search for the exit, and since quick save works in these dungeons, all random encounters can be skipped by resetting the game. The only important thing to remember is which bosses you have already faced, and which still remain for you to fight.

      • Earthgift Shrine - 4 playthroughs required
      • Hellfire Chasm - 2 playthroughs required
      • Lifespring Grotto - 2 playthroughs required
      • Whisperwind Cove - 1 playthrough required

      I recommend that you not begin clearing these dungeons until your party is at least at level 35. The random encounters can be skipped and are actually surprising weak, but the bosses are all more difficult than the final boss of the main game.

    • Set foot in every monster-free town and castle.

      This achievement is actually unmissable, but if you're the kind to stress, here's a list of all the places required:

      • Cornelia
      • Castle Cornelia
      • Pravoka
      • Elfheim
      • Eleven Castle
      • Mount Duergar
      • Melmond
      • Crescent Lake
      • Gaia
      • Onrac
      • Lufenia

      You will need to visit every one of these places in order to advance through the story.

    • Acquire 100,000 gil.

      Gil is the currency in Final Fantasy, and can be earned by either finding it in chests, selling items you find, or fighting monsters. I was less than halfway through the main game when I reached the maximum amount of money I could hold (999,999 gil); you don't need to worry about striving for this achievement.

    • Acquired the airship.

      Story-based, cannot be missed.

      After defeating the Lich, you must travel to the far East side of the map to Crescent Lake, and there obtain the canoe, which will give you a way to cross shallow water. Use the canoe to travel through the series of waterways West of Crescent Lake until you reach the Ice Cavern. In there you can obtain the Levistone. Once you have the Levistone, head to the small desert area just South of the cave, a cutscene will play, and you will have the airship.

    • Crossed the bridge north of Cornelia.

      Story-based, cannot be missed.

      Your very first quest in the game is to rescue the princess of Cornelia from the evil knight Garland, who has kidnapped her and taken her to the Chaos Shrine. After defeating him, the King of Cornelia will have the bridge North of his castle rebuilt. Cross it to see a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

    • Defeated 5,000 monsters.

      One of the main enduring complaints about the first Final Fantasy is that you often have to just sit and grind up your levels with random encounters, and apparently the makers of this achievement list wanted to preserve that experience. It is very easy to reach level 99 with your party and still not have killed 5,000 monsters. It is not at all unlikely that this will be your last achievement, even after playing through the Soul of Chaos dungeons multiple times and the Labyrinth of Time 8 times.

      If you want to avoid an end-of-the-game grind, be diligent about killing every monster you meet. If you prefer a more efficient but more boring grind, you can use the reset option to skip every fight in the game except for power-leveling spots or scripted fights, then just slog out the remaining kills in a reliable place. The best one that I've found is in the Ice Cavern. In the room containing the Levistone, fall through one of the outer cracks in the ice, and you'll end up in a small room with a scripted fight at the doorway that typically spawns an average of 7 enemies. One Flare or Dia should kill them all, then just keep triggering the fight by walking back and forth to that spot. It's a grind, but not too bad.

    • Defeated 1,000 monsters.

      See "Monster Massacre" for more information.

    • Defeated 10 monsters.

      See "Monster Massacre" for more information.

    • Defeated Warmech.

      Warmech is a rare monster that only spawns in a few locations. There is a 1/64 chance that you will encounter one on the 5th floor of the Flying Fortress, the same floor where you find Tiamat. Those odds of finding one are not exactly great; it's not wrong to assume that it will probably take over an hour.

      Otherwise you can also find Warmech in certain puzzles of the Labyrinth of Time. This is much more ideal, since when you find the right puzzle, Warmechs are actually visible as patrolling enemies you are supposed to avoid, and you can fight them without having to look for random encounters. They are also weaker than the ones in the Flying Fortress, and give 8,000 experience when killed, making their puzzles the best places in the game to grind up the levels. The only con to relying on the Labyrinth to supply you with Warmechs is that the Labyrinth is randomized and it is conceivable that you could play all 8 times through and never get the correct puzzles. So, you take a chance whichever way you choose, but I tend to think your odds are better in the Labyrinth.

      Note that Warmechs are much tougher to beat than ordinary random encounters. But since you only find them on your way to fight either Tiamat or Chronodia, you should have no problem.

    • Defeated Chaos.

      Story-related, cannot be missed.

      Chaos is the final boss of the game, and can be found in the Chaos Shrine North of Cornelia. You cannot access the full dungeon until after you have defeated the 4 fiends, but when you do, it is a relatively simple dungeon to traverse. Note that you cannot continue to play after defeating Chaos, so if you wish to use that playthrough to mop up other achievements, be sure to save before entering the dungeon, or you will need to backtrack from Chaos in order to do anything.

    • Defeated Tiamat.

      Story-related, cannot be missed.

    • Defeated the Kraken.

      Story-related, cannot be missed.

    • Defeated Marilith.

      Story-related, cannot be missed.

    • Defeated the Lich.

      Story-related, cannot be missed.

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