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    Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies.

    How to unlock Clock Stopper

    This achievement requires 100 consecutive preemptive strikes. You will know you got a preemptive strike right away if "Great!" flashes on the screen when you initiate battle. This will occur if you attack () while the Mog Clock is still in the green, or if it is yellow and you attack the enemy from behind.

    This can be easily boosted easily by finding a non-aggresive enemy to strike (there are some in the very first area of the game), then once you've entered the battle, pause the game and select "Retry" - you'll be placed right outside the battle and can hit them again. Since you don't actually need to finish the battle for it to count, just repeat this quickly 100 times and you're done.

    If you somehow make a mistake, you can reload a previous save without voiding the achievement, so it might be worthwhile saving every so often even if you're using the cheap "Retry" method.

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  • Cactaur :3
  • I saw a video of noel/serah fighting a cactuar so theyll def be in here but it was a montage video so i didnt get to see if there was a mog clock before the battle
  • It's not a Gigantuar, is it? Oh, please, no... lol
  • This probably has to do with that stupid compass that shows up whenever enemies appear, you have to look for them in the immediate vicinity and attack them, I assume that while its in the green (same color as cactaur) that will be the achievement...
  • confirmed: You have to get a preemptive strike 100 times in a row. Obviously this is time consuming and may be harder in some places as enemies are more aggressive. In a video I saw, there is a place with lots of goblins (i think archlytte steppe)who are nonaggresive and you really just have to get preemptives on them every time. The person who made the video said to save after every 10 just to be sure
  • As long as you can save after every ten or so, this won't really be that hard.
  • I did it in Episode 01 since the enemies are weaker and seldom run to me, and there is a nice spot where that damn fast beast-like monster never spawns, almost guaranteering my success.
  • Not to hard, you can save and it wont mess with the count, i was at about 80 kills after loading up from a break, so it already had the other 20 kills registered from before. same as #7 i went to the strip of land that pops up after you beat the boss on New B. 005, took maybe 40mins hopes this helps
  • ugh i dont see an edit button, meant New B.003 >.
  • Only real grinding achievement in this one, i think thats a good trade off for a little shorter game
  • In august(sp) tower, there is a circle on the second level that you can literally run around. Spawned 100 mobs, none are aggressive. Fairly quick as well, didn't even save lol.
  • So far this is the only achievement im really dreading. I could see making it 100 total, but 100 times in a row is pretty bad. Monotonous...
  • I found this pretty easy to get on your first visit to academia. academia 400. There will be a narrow passage right at the top of the first set of the moving stairs to the LEFT of the starting point. The cieth spawn endlessly here and once you get the timing down are easy to preemptive strike. They are beaten extremely quickly (5 seconds at most) and respawn very quickly. Took me about 15 minutes,to get this. Very easy at this spot. Also as another help there is a treasure chest around the corner of the passage im talking about to help figure out the location.
  • @#13 I thought about that one myself but one of the problems i had with that is the fact that you get no CP or Gil for taking out those cieth. id rather get some levels in while im grinding.
  • I just got mine. I started doing it when I entered Oerba 300AF for the first time. I figured if I was going to run around and explore and do those rift puzzles I might as well get this at the same time to get as much CP from my time. Then I just split it between Oerba 200/300AF while I looked for the last fragments. I think Oerba is a great area to do this in because it is a wide open area and the monsters here are very slow to respond. It took awhile but I didn't have even 1 mess up. Also I noticed a lot of people are having problems with the Caius fight in Oerba 200AF and I think that would be a good time to work on this, because by the time they are done they most likely will have no problems with Caius.
  • I just got this after a boss fight and I even ran a few times so I can confirm you can fight bosses and run and still get this
  • I just want to confirm that this doesn't work with field killer > one-shot enemies in the field if you happened to unlock that fragment skill. I just tried it myself on 100 enemies in a row and nothing, so looks like I have to do it again without that. Just thought I'd share so others won't waste their time with that skill if they wish to attempt this with that.
  • There is a guide here!
  • #18 its 50 pre emtives, not 100. i have the guide book. guide book says 50. ill beielve a guide book voer someone who even admits he only had 2 places unlocked.
  • Your guide is wrong. It's 100, not 50. I just completed it now and did the saving method after every 5 strikes. You can check my achievement yourself if you don't believe me. Guides aren't always 100% accurate. I used to own a FFXI guide back in 2005 and there were a lot of inaccurate info in it.
  • Hmm.. I'm new to this site here, didn't realize you can choose the achievements yourself. But you'll just have to take my word on it since I'm one achievement left on FFXIII-2. I just need the casino achievement to be done, and I already got the 160 fragments + all endings, hence me obtaining 30/31 achievements. Also, that video I'm sure proves it too. I haven't watched the video yet since I did it for myself.
  • If you are playing from the beginning of the game, you can use your time trying to get a Pulse Knight in Bresha to get this achievement. The monsters in the tunnels aren't aggressive and, if you are like me and are having a crap time getting some of the less common/rare monsters, you'll be most of the way there by the time you get the PK.
  • i can confirm it, 100 is needed not 50. just counted it myself
  • Does it happen to reset the counter in this scenario? Running allong, screen notifies you have a battle, Noel runs over and strikes the guy as you turn the camera to run toward it.. thus hitting it out of the spawn area.. resulting in what can only be described as "running away" ..
  • #19 No It's 100, I have it, everyone else has it, and you're the only person who says it's 50, sure you may have the guide book, but guides can be wrong, and I think since everyone else has it after 100, then it must be 100, no? And I made this video literally the day I got the game, when I had only unlocked the two locations, I just thought this was a sound guide on how to get it, so I uploaded it before I went any further with the game, thanks.
  • 100 in a row, it's easy if you do it on new bodum 003AF where you encounter sea creatures on your right path when you are close to the gate (the chocobo should be with you) most of the time lobo's, stalker and demon monsters never go static so remain cautious. If it's on the yellow or red your going to start all over again. it took me 2 hours to get the achievement.
  • You guys though can't use Final Fantasy XI as a bases to say guides can be off. FFXI was a MMO and thus it could never be accurate since MMO's are constantly changing every week or so. WoW is proof of this. You could buy a guide that was compiled today with up-to-date info up to today and yet in 3 days it would be wrong. So next time do not use 11 as point of argument please.
  • I think #19 just read the guide wrong. I have the guide, too, and it clearly states that Clockstopper is 100 (in a row)...or maybe you were just looking at the Quick Draw (50 total, not necessarily in a row)? I'll admit the guides have left a lot to be desired for more recent FF games (mostly in organization), but I have found no errors in the achievements for xiii or xiii-2.
  • @#28, was going to comment the exact same thing :D KUPO!
  • If you blindly agree that all guides are correct then you should see the 10 guides i have for other games. None of them are perfect. Alway made notes to fix errors. Ahh the days before internet
  • just hit retry after preemptive strike.
  • #30 - Yes, definitely errors in guides, but the achievements haven't proven incorrect for 13 & 13-2. I will say that there is one that is so poorly worded that it confused most people (in 13's guide), though. #29 - We shall start a benefit-of-the-doubters club. :) #31 - sacrilege. You must be greedy for the cp. But I've heard it does work well and cut the time way down.
  • if you fight enemies in Archylte Steppe, you'll have an easier time. I know i did, most enemies didn't jump at me the moment they appeared, so that gives you a good chance to go and attack them. This helps since it has to be 100 pre-emptive strikes in a row. if not, just go to some place where you have no trouble with enemies, but watch out for those who jump at you the moment they see you, they'll really ruin your streak if you're not careful
  • I wonder if you get in a fight with a boss while doing this, if it negates your streak back to 0? How annoying. >:( The encounter master fragment skill will definitely cut the amount of time you spend on this cheevo down though.
  • To get 100 preemptive strikes in a row is not to bad. I did it in oerba because there are a lot of enemies (especially if you have the encounter more enemies fragment skill) and they aren't to hard. I saved after every 10 or 15 just in case. Another good place is archylte steppe.... Doing it there also gets a lot of essence and crystals for your monsters.
  • Just goto to the clearwater Marshes in the Archylitte Steppe in Sunny Weather and you can ge tthis in under an hour. The achievment requires you to get 100 pre-emptive strikes in a row without getting hit by an enemy. thats an easier way than confusing people with the "Great".
  • I agree with Valiantheart (#15) - Oerba is a great place to get this. My main problem when trying it elsewhere was the Gorgonopsid (and the other similar races) that I, for some reason, always ran straight into when the battle sircle popped up. In Oerba I didn't have to worry about them and after a little bit of grinding, the achievement popped.
  • As far as good places go, I haven't found one yet. But bad places, try to avoid Augusta Tower 200 AF as 95% of the time you'll only really come across Orions and Dragoons which coupled with the tiny pathways with usually appear right on top of you and get you into battle right away.
  • Can any i conferm that this is only pre-emptive strikes and not haveing to get it in a certain time frame
  • Just to confirm: you do not have to wait for the words "preemptive strike to come up" as soon as the battle starts just hit retry Just got this in about 10 min with high speed on.
  • I found the easiest way to do this, for me at least, was in 400AF Academia. When you come out of the gate, use that as your base and just continually attack the spawning cie'th, saving regularly. Also gets you a nice load of CP at the same time.
  • The Best place to do this is oerba, the original oerba that you go to enemies are slow as hell to react, it has to be 100 enemies pre-emp'd in a row, i heard people saying save after every 10 just in case you fail but if your in oerba you shouldn't need to, well i didn't :) just run round and batter EVERYTHING should take around 40 mins!
  • The achievements are basically the same as the last remnant, hell they're even worded the same
  • 2 ways to make this quicker to get. 1. Have the clock stopper ability. If you set the time to go by faster, it's harder to get the preemptive strike, but the battles go faster. Go to Oerba 200 AF where the enemies are slow and easy to preempive strike. 2. (xBox users only) If you need to, use mods to have strong attack and magig, again to quicken the battle. ;)
  • Right people i have read all these posts and tried most of them. I have now got the achievement, so i can tell you the facts and myths. 1. Gain 100 pre-emptive strikes in a row. 2. Saving and turning off your console WILL NOT reset the counter. 3. Running away WILL reset the counter 4. Boss fights WILL reset the counter 5. Retry option WILL reset the counter 6. It really doesn't matter where you do this achievement (I did mine in archylte steppe.) 7. Once you are in a place to do this, STAY THERE! Hope this helps!
  • I can confirm that using the retry option will not reset the counter for this achievement. It didn't occur to me to use it so for a while I fought the monsters which was really boring. But then I used the retry option and the fragment skill Clock Master which speeds the game up. But to unlock that you need to have all 160 fragments.
  • this also works against the bosses that pop up as the time rift things. i did it against tonberry in bresha 300af. works really well because the ball doesn't move at all
  • i also used the retry option for the duration. i was also pausing the game to retry as soon as i could, so you don't have to wait for the screen to say pre-emptive strike either
  • I found that using the clock speed fragment sped up this whole process massively
  • #48 is incorrect. just got mine on oerba 200, after switching from new bodhum 003. i did half and half on each map, in a row. if someone attacked me (mainly the stupid beast from new bodhum hence why i switched) i paused the game in the middle of the battle and selected quit. you go back to the main screen and have to load your last save. this will not reset the counter. switching maps will not reset the counter. running away from enemies will not reset the counter. i ran away from a couple enemies on new bodhum jumping from place to place, sometimes you cant avoid it. oerba 200 is the easiest imo. also remember to change the "tune" of your paradigms to "wide" so your monster can do the work for you. most fights should be one hit one kill.
  • The steppe in the watery area is best place to get this, just about every other area in the game has at least 1 agressive monster that spawns. On my PS3 playthru I had just finished a load of mana essence and potent crystal farming session I clearly (without realising had built up 90+ preemptive attacks in a row. I then after watching tv for bit ran around on my chocobo to get saddle sore, then I started doing fights for this and after 7 fights got the trophy.
  • #54 What weather was it set to?
  • you can go to the Steppe sunny weather, everytime you get 5 "Great" you save and keep doing and if you get attacked you can reload your save.
  • Lovely a multiple of 5.

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