Epic Finisher Achievement in Final Fantasy XIII-2

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    Followed the story to its conclusion.

    How to unlock Epic Finisher

    Simply complete the game to earn this achievement. A walkthrough if you get stuck at any point can be found here.

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  • Apparently this achievement is defeating the final boss. With that said, I kinda of want to start a survey to all the FF fans out there on all the games they have made. If you can answer all of them w/ a brief explanation(if you like to). 1. Your favorite FF game of all time. 2. Your favorite FF storyline. 3. Your favorite male and female character. 4. The absolute worst FF game of all time. 5. Your favorite villian. Please take your time and share what you think and enjoy (please don't bash other people's comments, they are their own opinions after all).
  • 1. My favorite is FF7 by far. It is also my favorite game all time with a great storyline, characters, and fights. 2. Call me insane, but I loved FF13 storyline w/ FF10 a close second. FF13 can easily be done better, but I absolutely loved the storyline. 3. Favorite male character is Cloud easily from FF7. Squall would be second from FF8. My favorite female usually keeps on changing, but Yuna is in the lead right now w/ Lightning a VERY close second. 4. Worst FF is any Crystal Chronacles series. Absoulately hate them w/ a passion. 5. Favorite villian is Septhiroth easily. Down to earth and cold-hearted. Not only that, he has his own theme song:) Second would be Seymour (crazy and devious!!)
  • 1. Favorite Final Fantasy is FFX, to me, it was the game i had the most fun in, mainly blitzball and the characters. 2. Favorite FF Story line is FFXIII, The deepness of the story was amazing, they must have thrown around ideas forever. 3. Favorite male character has to be Palom from FF4. His cocky attitude with the random comments made me laugh, and how he always had Porom hitting him. Female would be Rikku from FF10. She seemed to always make me laugh, and was all around a great character to deal with. 4. Worst FF game... If i had to choose (i love all i played) It would be Master Quest. I just didnt like it much. @#2 The only Crystal Chronicle i played was the GC one, and i loved it, though i only put 20hrs on it, unlike hundreds on the others 5. Favorite Villain would have to be S
  • 1. FFXIII 2. FFXIII 3. male: sephiroth or cloud female: LIGHTNING!!!!! or Fang 4. Any FF game where you customize your own character. I find it detracts from character and story development and theres always a chance that your character will not be an optimal choice 5. Sephiroth by a landslide against anyone else
  • 1. FFIX 2. FFXIII 3. Zidane and Lightning 4. FFIV 5. Kuja from FFIX
  • Shouldn't this conversation be taken to the forums in general instead of under this completely unrelated Achievement?
  • Comment #6, your right. It didn't come to my mind since I never started a topic in the forums page. I just wanted to bring this up to see what other people think about the FF series and their favorites and I just decided to do it here instead of the forums.
  • worst FF game.... SNES Mystic Quest.... I am sorry... Cyrstal Chronicles was way better than that game... I do own it...lol Favorite FF game is a tie between FF 1 for NES(nostagela) and VII / VIII(dont hate) Store line.... VII, X Favorite Male: Cecil, CID and Cloud Female: Yuna Favorite Villan: Keifka :-D they computer gen laugh always killed me... but Sepiroth is there too :-D
  • @6 yeah but this achievement is easy anyway the only thing you can say to ppl is play the game to the end. @1 love this post here we go............. 1. easy FF7 :) 2. hmmmmmmm harder this 1, toss up between 7,8 + 10 all are masterpieces (8s draw magic system was a pain in the ass but loved the game that much i did not care!) im going with 10 3. SEPHIROTH!!!! (male) :) Edea while she is controlled by ulitmacia...BADASS 4. Im not a fan of 9 even though loads of my friends are i just did not like monkey boy zidane but tbh i though 10-2 and 12 sucked the most 5. urrrrmmmm hands down momas boy Sephiroth, but i loved the rivalry with seifer in 8! but, no, when u beat the midgar zolom (if u took it on that early) and see what Sephiroth did to its brother that along with the walk through th
  • *the fire after what he does at Nibelheim, you know this guy is near enough unstoppable, but you have to beat him! One if not the most epic feeling in my gaming history!
  • Comment #10. That was probably one of my favorite cutscenes of all-time. First he burns the village, then gives the evil cold stare at US and walks away. Loved the final boss too. On purpose I allow him to use Super Nova (favorite bad guy move of all-time) just because it is long and I want to show him how to avoid the many side effects it brings (also like the music). Sadly summon 2x knights of round table is pretty much an overkill. The first time (the best time since you don't know what he is capable of) I ever fought him and faced super nova and suffered the many side effects I knew that I was screwed.
  • 1. FF7 2. FF7 3. Male...Sephiroth....Female....Lightning 4. FF8 5. Kefka xD
  • 1. Final Fantasy XIII (Waiting till Friday for the second one, UK) 2. Final Fantasy XIII 3. Cloud and Lightning 4. Final Fantasy VIII 5. Sephiroth
  • I have to say I find it sad that only two people have mentioned a vintage title like IV, V, and VI, besides someone calling IV the worst. That game on SNES sold for like $100 until it was re-released on PSX due to popular demand. =/ (FF IV was released here originally as FF 2, and VI was released as FF 3, for any who don't know.)Too many people grew up in the PSX era and missed real JRPGS. =( Anyway! /end rant. On to the ratings! 1: FFVI. NO question. I've played this one more than any other, FF8 is the only close one, FFX third. IV and V were both excellent as well, and I consider them better than 8, on par with X, though I've played them less. 2: Again, FFVI. People who thought Aeris was a sad thing should play this game and learn about Locke and Rachel. Rachel's song is better tha
  • *than Aeris's as well, IMO. The overall story was spectacular, and they did it without cinematic cutscenes, indepth conversations, and visual cues. The way it's wrapped up at the end is also excellent. I still happily remember my first time through (Spoiler Alert!) and my amazement upon finding out it was all a play. Amazing, especially for the time. FFV and FFX tied for second. 3 a:Female- Terra and Rydia. I've never identified with the PSX and on era heroines much. While Celes is my fav to use ingame, Terra's story is excellent, and you get to know her and her traumas very well. Honorable mentions to Rikku for being hilarious, and Yuffie for The End, the single most powerful attack in the series. (It oneshots anything. ANYthing.) 3b: Male- Laguna and co(I know it isn't one, but Lag
  • *Laguna, Kiros, and Ward's storyline in FF8 was very enjoyable, and their interactions were great.)Wakka, probably. He's just such a cheesy dude that it's hard not to laugh. And that makes him awesome. 4: Dirge of Cerberus. Go.. Away.. Bad game, BAD! 5:Kefka, then Seph. Edea from 8 was excellent as well. Additions! 6: Best FF soundtrack, because we all know FF is about the music. I agree with Nobuo himself, FFVI was his masterpiece. Seven was amazing as well, and X-2 had, for me, the single most emotional song in the series. The first time I watched the cinematic with 1000 Words, I cried. SO touching. 7: Worst hero- We all know we hated at least one. For me, Monkey Boy from 9 and Cloud.. Err, *Clod.. From 7. Hmmm. Sorry that was so long.
  • Very good points COMPUSA. I have played nearly all FF games except 3 (I had FF3 legends, but that doesn't count), 11, and 14 (never will since it costs more money). Between 4-6 classics, I liked 5 the best since I love x-death and the job changes. The ONLY KNACK I have w/ FF6 is the vanish doom trick, which works on 90% of all enemies. Wish that never occurred. I like u use Celes the most w/ here being the ultimate defense. New additions you brought up, I don't mind answering them.
  • Addition #6: Wow, this is a hard one for me since I don't listen to music. It probably be seven just for the sole fact of the final boss fight music. Eight would probably come in second, but still a toss up because I like them all. Addition #7: I would have to agree on you w/ Zidane aka "monkey boy." He seemed at times too selfish and really could only think and care about Dagger.
  • Granted i haven't played all the FF games, i've only played IV (and not that much, still working one it), VII, XIII, and XIII-2, so my choices only encompass those games. 1. FFIV 2. FFXIII 4. male would have to be Cecil, and female would be lightning 5. suprisingly, i never considered having a favorite villain, but its would be a tie between Sephiroth and Barthandelus. 6. OMG I am soo happy this was added, i love the FF soundtrack overall for XIII-2, second would be FFVII, and third FFIV, all three are VERY close. 7. >.< i didn't like cloud all that much for being emotionally distant until halfway through the game, i liked him more in the second half.
  • well considering i have almost all versions of the all the games i can say with all confidence 1. tie between IV,VI, and VIII 2. VIII, XIII, VII was good 3. male, Gogo or Golbez . Female, Terra because she is half human and half Esper, Rydia last of a dying breed and venille 4. XI, XIV any online games that requires you to play a monthly fee 5. Golbez and kefka 6. a bit of mystic quest and any song that was redone by the black mages and Distant Worlds because they were worth a remake they were great to began with but they made them a lot better 7. cloud I hate that fucking emo bitch
  • Surely this isn't the place for your survey?
  • Just so that everyone is clear, this is NOT a survey. If you desire to answer the questions, so be it and if you don't want to and rather talk about how to get the achievement, so be it. It is just something I cooked up just to wonder how other people think about all the FF games they have played. I am not forcing ANYONE to answer the questions, it just happened that I put it here when I should've put it on the forums. On the side note wow, a lot of people appear to hate Cloud as the main character, that actually surprises me.
  • 1. FFX 2. FFX 3. Male: Auron, Female: Oerba Yun Fang 4. Never played one I didn't like... 5. Having now played FFXIII-2 I must say Caius Ballad! 6. FFXIII Soundtrack 7. Sazh... I hate the way he uses his guns... Just shoot straight!!!
  • X III and X III-2 are actually my favourites but 7 has to come close even though I havn't played it in a while, Just gotta say, Lightning has to be the best FF character going, to the point where my GF says she's considering getting a Lightning outfit and dying her hair pink... NERD LOVE :D
  • Who is this final boss that we have to defeat to get the achievement? I already killed Jet Bahamut if that was the one.
  • @ Entity - did you let the credits play through to the end? I think that's when my achievement popped.
  • It is as comment #26 says, let the credits play through. If u don't, then the achievement won't pop, I am not sure if the achievement pops if u press the skip button during the credits. better not just to be safe. Anyway between 13 and 13-2 Jet Bahamut was a horrible final boss compared to Orphan (the full body version). At least in 13-2 if your main character dies, you can switch out unlike 13 if u die then it is all over and all who remember the annoying move Orphan has that has a heart beat and u either take 300 damage or instant death, and to me he always focused on my main character....
  • 1. If I have to chose one, I'm going with FFVI. There have been awesome games before and after it, but to me FFVI is what defines the series. 2. For storyline, it may be because it is the most fresh in my memory, but FFXIII has an amazing story. The ending is what won me over to chose this game. 3. Vincent from FF7 and Lightning from FFXIII. 4. Worst game in the series... this one is tough because I like them all, but FF9 is a little too cartoony to me. It's still good, but not as good as the others. 5. Dark Cecil from FFIV.
  • 1. FF XII 2. FF X 3. Cecil FF IV, Fran FF XII Lightning is a close second followed by Fang 4. FF IX 5. Jenova FF VII 6. FF X 7. Zidane
  • A disappointing ending for me. Really does require a 13-3.
  • 1.ffx 1st final fantasy game i played and always will be my favorite i think. 2.again ffx just connected with the characters and their loss more than 12. 13 i liked but 10 is best. 3. Balthier prob been my fav. love his attitude but recently started playin ff crisis core and likin genesis at mo but havent got far in that yet. female always like rikku, sarah more recently 4. no clue prob final fantasy 3 on ds 5. suppose i answered this in 3 like genesis in crisis core but far into it and sephiroth is always a safe bet and of course caius. suppose caius takes it
  • 1. FF8 2. FFX 3. Squall, Library Girl 4. FF12 or FF9 they are both even 5. caius, I only recently started this game thou but I quite enjoy fighting him...probably gonna regret that later. 6. FF13.2 7. Zidane
  • Why are people so biased with FF6? Sorry but I grew up with SNES (started with Atari 2600) and played FF7 blows that 16 bit FF6 away. It improved in every way. People need to get off the idea that what came first is better. Even the money in sales tells the truth.

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