Scarlet Medal Achievement in Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Scarlet Medal



    Defeated a powerful enemy with graceful poise.

    How to unlock Scarlet Medal

    This achievement requires a 5-star rating in the battle with Atlas (Weakened Version) in Episode 2, Bresha Ruins AF005. This can be done on Easy difficulty to save a bit of stress. Note that you do not need to get a perfect Cinematic Bonus to unlock the achievement, though you will need it for "Trigger Finger" and "Defragmented."

    You can use the Time Reversal option to attempt this battle again if you do not get it your first try - come back after completing the main story and it will be extremely easy.

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  • you get this for defeating atlas with a perfect cinematic action ending sequence (as in you cant miss a single button). a japanese player posted a video showing them getting this. not sure if the perfect is required but it was after the fight with atlas ended
  • I think he may have 5-starred him, because when I played it on my cousin's system last year, I missed the CineAction, but got 5-stars and the achievement popped up.
  • no perfect does not work, got perfect on him nothing
  • maybe its Perfect and 5 star rating?
  • 5 stars it seems
  • Yes, I think this is for 5-starring a boss (any boss). I got this earlier for Adam. 5-starred and perfect cinematic action. Based on #3's experience though, it looks like perfecting cinematic action is not a criteria. By process of elimination, that leaves the 5-star rating earning you your "graceful poise".
  • Correction: I think I got the Cerulean Medal for the Adam fight. Not the Scarlet.
  • haha wow i dont even have this achievement
  • Would it matter if you use the paradox scope on him? I remember that the perfect cinematic sequence is not necessary.
  • i honestly not sure and i all u gotta do is get a 5 star on him and yell at hope and its done but if u use the paradox scope on him u will get his 4th form and get this achievement if u get 5 stars and get a paradox ending while ur at it so u get a triple whammy lol
  • Haha yea I just got the "triple whammy" took a little while because had to level up quite a bit. :D
  • I got perfect cinematic and 5 stars and it unlocked.
  • To clear it up for anyone that cannot follow the comments above (I struggled xD) Scarlet Medal - Defeat a Weakened Atlas (Bresha Ruins after using the device) with a 5-Star rating. Cerulean Medal - Defeat Proto-Fal'cie Adam with a 5-Star rating.
  • This unlocked for me when I got a 5-star rating on the regular (non-weakened) version of Atlas.
  • note that easy mode isnt much different easy just makes yuou have no wound damage affected and the ai will be dealing less damage to you also increasing stagger by 50% more. honestly on normal mode it's easier because you can damage atlas more than just stagger him in 10 seconds.
  • This achievement can also be done with the non-weakened version and also not obtaining the perfect cinematic bonus. All you need is the five stars (:

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