Tactician Achievement

  • Tactician



    Clear off 120 pieces in one move

    This achievement may be elusive for some time, and it's actually most likely to just happen inadvertently as you progress. You'll need to complete 400-500 levels to finish this game, so you've got plenty of opportunities. There are two main ways to force this to happen though:

    1. Create a ton of explosives near each other. Set off a chain reaction to destroy tons of tiles and then hope more matches happen as they fall.
    2. Make a solid use of electricity to eliminate a common tile and hope the combos keep coming.

    Either way you'll want a large open level to do this on, one where combos are more likely as tiles fall. I got this with electricity on a big level. When electricity shows up, identify a tile next to it you'll use and purposely match away other tiles from the board to fill the board with as many of that tile as possible, then use it with the electricity to eliminate a lot of tiles and you should get lots of combos as the board fills back up.


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