Temporary Insanity Achievement

  • Temporary Insanity



    Use all types of explosive available on a single level

    There are four types of explosives available. Here's what they are and how to make them:

    1. Firework - incidental combo match of 5
    2. Mine - intential match of 5
    3. Dynamite - match of 6
    4. Missile - match of 7

    As you play, fireworks and mines will be pretty common. Dynamite and missiles are pretty rare to make naturally unless a level is set up for them already or you plan it out. There are some levels in the game that are intentionally designed to be set up for making missiles or dynamite right from the start to allow you to destroy certain parts of the level. I recommend waiting until you get to one of these levels, particularly a level where you make a missile, then purposely make a dynamite too. It's very likely you'll make fireworks and mines along the way, and they're pretty easy to set up. Once you've made all four types of explosives you also need to detonate them all to unlock the achievement.


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