King of the Turtles Achievement

  • King of the Turtles



    Buy 10 turtles

    Turtles are the last fish specie to unlock, and they unlock at level 48. This is what the entire grind to level 48 is for - to unlock the sea turtle. Once you reach level 48 (refer to the "Good student" achievement for tips on leveling up) you'll need to buy ten of these, and each one costs 11,000. This is quite a lot of money. By this point in the game though, you should have already fully decorated five aquariums for the "Perfect aquarium" achievement, you should have earned enough coins for the "Inexhaustible Vein" achievement, and buying your first turtle should unlock the "Ark" achievement. So if you haven't already, sell all of your decorations and all of your fish to make money back on them, if you haven't done so already. This should make you a decent amount of money to buy more sea turtles. Then sell back those sea turtles to make more money, repeating until you're out of money. Now you'll just have to play some more levels to make enough money to buy ten total, which will unlock this achievement finally.


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