Putting on a Show Achievement

  • Putting on a Show



    Win every Showcase Event

    Dotted through the Forza Horizon Adventure map, there will be Showcases that you can unlock. The first one, 'On a Wing and a Prayer' is unlocked early on in the Forza Horizon Adventure (it's the second one to unlock in the Mainstage category). The other three are unlocked as follows:
    • Flood, Sweat and Gears - The third ticket that needs to be unlocked in the Dirt Racing outpost line-up.
    • Buggy and the Beast - The second ticket in the Cross-Country Racing outpost line-up.
    • Catch Me If You Canyon - The second ticket in the PR Stunts outpost line-up.
    Remember, you need to win them! For the most part, the rubberbanding sets it up so you win by the narrowest of margins, so fear not, it's fairly easy.

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