AWDyssey Achievement

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    Build the Horizon Wilds Outpost

    If you're playing through the Forza 'story' then there's a very good chance you'll get this anyway, but just to clear things up: if you hit start, go to the 'Campaign' tab and go down to Horizon Adventure, you'll see a map. Each ticket on the left is a different discipline, and each one unlocks a new Horizon outpost. There are five Horizon outposts (not including the default Mainstage one):

    - Horizon Apex
    - Horizon Wilds
    - Holizon Baja
    - Horizon Rush
    - Horizon Street Scene

    Each outpost has an achievement, and are unlocked with the tickets you get when you earn enough Accolade Points to level up your fame level. Super straight-forward.

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